A color-wonderland at INGLOT in Times Square

Makeup at Inglot in NY
Makeup at Inglot in NY

Before I left for Europe, I stumbled upon makeup store Inglot right in the middle Times Square. I was in makeup heaven. I was surprised that not only have I never heard of it prior to this, but I never even seen it before.

Figures why though — the Polish company (pronounced in-GLOT, not in-Glo as I keep wanting to say it) opened their first US outpost in Times Square only four and a half months ago in June 2009. After my first visit, I’m entirely convinced that if it’s color you’re seeking, this is the place to go.


The brand itself hosts over 500 colors in their nail polishes, lipsticks, and eye colors — more than they can actually house in the store itself. Their makeup’s claim to fame is their highly pigmented colors that are all paraben free (parabens are those synthetic waxes that are added to many products and have detrimental health effects when used over a long period of time), and sweat free. Additionally, the lipsticks are infused with Vitamin E.

If you love gel-pot eye liners like I do, they have it here in every color under the sun for $12!

They don’t have a website yet and this is the ONLY store in the US, so New Yorkers take advantage, and non-NY’ers add it to your shopping list when you visit.




Nail polish fiends, note that they have a whole wall covered with colors in shiny or matte finishes for $10 each.



You will love this: all their makeup are priced in quite affordable ranges, starting at $9 for their eye or lip liners, and foundation/concealers staring at $15. They even have special prices for their “Freedom” palettes, where you can mix and match colors for a lower price.

And it could have been just during my short visit, but major extra points for playing some awesome tunes while I was there — The Strokes, Peter, Bjorn and John, Interpol, Keane. Please go and enjoy because we all know good music + colorful makeup = bliss. Obviously.

Store info:

1592 Broadway
btw 47th St & 48th St
New York, NY 10036



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  1. Sarah wrote:

    Obviously. I’m there.

    Posted 10.29.09
  2. Saima wrote:

    paraben free gel pot eyeliners? for $12? in all those pretty colors?! honey let me know the next time you’re visiting chi… if you can bring a few for me…

    i wish they had a website!

    have you tried them? are they good quality?

    Posted 11.2.09
  3. shyema wrote:

    I have yet to try them, but I’m on it and will report back shortly…the prices are amazing!

    Posted 11.2.09
  4. Nicole wrote:

    Are the eyeshadows as pigmented as they look?

    Posted 12.6.09
  5. shyema wrote:

    They say they’re quite pigmented but I have yet to try myself 🙂

    Posted 12.6.09
  6. pati wrote:

    Yes!!! they are that wonerful as they look like 🙂 I am polish, I live in Warsaw – we have plenty of Inglot stores here. And all their cosmetics are absolutely fabulous 🙂 Actually, most poles don’t know that Inglot is polish!! ;P When I started to learn make-up and search the web for tutorials, tips & tricks I was really suprised that american make-up artists do not use Inglot. Now I know why – they just had no opportunity to even buy it 😉 Try it – I am sure you’ll love it just as I do!! 🙂

    Posted 12.23.09
  7. shyema wrote:

    Woww thanks for letting me know Pati! I’m definitely going to try some of their stuff now. Thanks so much for the input!

    Posted 12.24.09
  8. Nada wrote:

    I want to know how their nailpolishes are (color, drying time, wear and tear). Care to make a pilgrimage sometime?

    Posted 3.15.10
  9. Shyema wrote:

    Yes, let’s. And it’s so close to everything it’s hardly out of the way!!

    Posted 3.16.10
  10. niamhco wrote:

    does anyone know how much the medium train case costs?

    I came across inglot when I worked in Poland for six months, I totally fell in love with the variety of colour. The eyeshadows are great, very pigmented and great staying power. Try out the pigments aswell. The gel liners are also very comparible to Mac. Foundation is great, great coverage and very moisturising, they also do a gorgeous liquid bronzer.

    Posted 12.1.10
  11. shyema wrote:

    I have yet to buy their makeup! I want to check it out now though — have heard great things about their products!

    Posted 12.1.10

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