Maintaining your eyebrows: tips from an brow guru

Guys and gals, eyebrows are kinda a big deal.

They frame your face and can wake up your whole look. For tips on how to keep your eyebrows looking their best, I turned to brow expert, Kristie Streicher of Warren-Tricomi, who has tended to the likes of Julia Roberts and Molly Sims.

Eyebrow expert, Kristie Streicher. Photo Credit: Steven Simko
Eyebrow expert, Kristie Streicher. Photo Credit: Steven Simko

BATF: How would you define “good brows”?
KS: Good brows are the eyebrows that you have naturally. If they are naturally full, then leave them this way and just give them shape to open up the eye and properly frame the face. If they are thin, make sure they are properly shaped over your brow bone and are long enough. Not everyone can have full, thick beautiful brows but everyone can have good brows with a little work. Shape is key.

Follow your natural line to find the shape best suited for you
Follow your natural line to find the shape best suited for you

[Kristie advises to follow the diagram above will help you find your own natural shape!]

BATF: What are some essential eyebrow tools to maintain good brows?
KS: Good, sharp slanted tweezers are a MUST. I love Mehaz or Rubis. A brow comb/spoolie to comb hairs and trim with, and a small pair of scissors, like Rubis’ cuticle scissors.

BATF: In which cases would you recommend getting your brows waxed? Threaded? Plucked?
KS: I always say you pluck a chicken and tweeze a brow! Tweezing and threading are great for sensitive skin types. Wax can oftentimes irritate the skin, and sometimes even pull a layer of skin off with it! And, when spreading hot, thin wax in such a small, precise area, it becomes easy for the wax to ‘creep’ in to the brow line and pull out more hairs than intended, especially when the wax strip is then pressed down to lift hairs. The skin around the eye is also quite thin and sensitive. Over time, waxing can not only cause the skin’s elasticity to break down but it can cause irritation and break outs. I like to tweeze because it’s more precise and it’s more gentle to the skin.

Though, sometimes waxing is necessary and I will do if needed. For example, if brows are sparse and thin, I will tint the brows to highlight the hair that is there, and use wax to clean the area around the brow to make them pop out even more.

Jennifer Connelly's coveted brows
Jennifer Connelly's coveted brows

BATF: Which celebrity do you think has the best brows right now?
KS: I think very few celebrities have good brows these days – it’s a shame actually. They all need let them grow for 6 months and be sent my way. Though, I used to love Jennifer Connelly’s brows, circa 80s/early 90s.

BATF: What would you advise to people who are looking for a good place to get their brows shaped?

KS: It’s the person, not the place that matters. Don’t be afraid to ask to be tweezed instead of waxed. Tweezing the shape without wax takes an experienced, artful hand. Ask how long the person has been doing brows for to get a feel of their experience.

BATF: In which cases would you recommend men getting their eyebrows done?
KS: I like a thick, strong brow on a man. That said, I think all men can use a little help! It’s a part of grooming just like trimming facial hair. Sometimes, a simple trim can make all the difference. Leave the top natural and clean the sides of brows to separate it from hair line. Pulling a few hairs between the brows will also help to create a cleaner look.

BATF: How would you advise men avoiding the ‘overdone’ look with their brows if they do choose to get it done?
KS: NO WAX! Only tweeze, and leave a few hairs under the arch. This creates a sort of feathered look that looks clean but natural.

BATF: For people with sparse brows, what’s your advise on filling them in?
KS: When filling in brows, use a sharp angled liner brush or a superfine brow pencil to just fill in sparse areas. Always use a shade or two than the brow color. This will prevent them from looking too heavy and unnatural.

I like using a slightly tinted brow gel. This works like a mascara would to thicken and sometimes even lengthen individual hairs on brows, as they have a tendency to lighten from the sun. It also adds a nice sheen and color to brow that a pencil or powder can’t.

BATF: Do you have an all-time favorite brow tip?
KS: Tinted brow gel. I don’t leave the house without it.

How do you maintain your brows?



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  1. Marie wrote:

    Great interview and thanks for the advice! I have to agree about waxing taking off too many hairs…

    Posted 12.14.09
  2. Sarah wrote:

    brows are a very important feature! i get mine threaded every 2 wks at perfect shape salon.

    Posted 12.14.09
  3. Much like Sarah, I also get my eyebrows threaded about every two weeks. I wouldn’t be able to do anything but threading. Waxing is notoriously bad for your skin, and it’s only with threading that I feel like you can get the lines perfect. Other than that I don’t do much, I kind of just let them be until I start looking like a shaggy dog.

    Posted 12.14.09
  4. horkat wrote:

    awesome advice!
    my husband waxes my brows with an at-home kit. is that weird?

    Posted 12.15.09
  5. shyema wrote:

    hahah horkat, didn’t know ‘Hor’ had so much skill…I’d be frightened to wax my own brows!! But he does a good job, I would have never been able to tell!

    Posted 12.16.09
  6. My eyebrows are a little thicker then I would like them to be but need help in knowing the best way to go about having them taken care of. It’s good to know that I might want to look into having them tweezed or threaded on a regular basis especially if the skin around them is sensitive. This is something that I will talk to my beautician about to see what she would suggest that I do.

    Posted 10.25.17

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