Craving of the Day: Lattes and Italian Pastries in Rome, Italy

When my girlfriends and I went to Rome recently, we rented an apartment in Monteverde, where the we became the local neighborhood ladies’ favorites at a cafe we frequented every morning.

One day, my friend Shahla and I, being the caffeine fiends we are, decided we needed to go for a second round of coffee and dessert. This time, we ventured in the opposite direction of our usual spot. We didn’t have to go far though — not even a block away we found Caffè Negresco.

We split three tiny pastries with our coffee…but our curiosity got the best of us and we went back for two more. We concluded anything chocolate-filled = a very good thing.



  1. Sarah wrote:

    i was left out of this excursion. sad times.

    Posted 1.28.10

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