The Lowdown on Minx Nails

Minx already has a cult celebrity following, including BeyoncĂ©, Katy Perry, and Rihanna. Recently, our resident nail polish aficionado, Sabeen, got her own nails “Minx’d” and they look kind of gorgeous:

Photos by Jumana Azam

Lucky for you, she volunteered her thoughts on the good (and the bad) in case you were considering trying out Minx yourself:

So basically, Minx is a dry manicure, they don’t use cuticle oil or anything like that. The process takes about 45 min, which is longer than it should in my opinion.

The Good
– The initial effect is really great and if you’re doing it just for show, it’s kinda awesome.
– It’s a lot more eye-catching and statement-making than a regular manicure

The Bad
– It starts to peel a bit after like 2 days (You can apply heat from a hair dryer and press it back down but I didn’t pay that much money for it to start coming off after only two days!).
– My least favorite thing is that you can see the very tips of your nails, completely bare. The process requires you to file away excess from the top which means the tips are left rough and naked. If you’re doing it for other people, great. But, I usually get a manicure to pamper myself as well so I’m not too pleased.

Bottom line
: In all honesty the Minx manicure is less satisfying and requires less technical skill. It may still take the same amount of time to actually get it down, but I’d say all things considered, it should without a doubt be cheaper.

Have you ever tried Minx nails, or considered getting it done? What do you think?



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  1. jumana Azam wrote:

    lol these pics arent that great. it was bc we were sooo hungryyyy. and about to eat falafils.

    Posted 2.8.10
  2. Nada wrote:

    kim kardashian’s minx nails!

    Posted 2.8.10
  3. shyema wrote:

    I just would never get ‘Bush’ written out on my nails no matter what the circumstance..

    Posted 2.8.10
  4. Tina wrote:

    woah these look hot !!

    Posted 2.8.10
  5. Hajera Azam wrote:

    Oh I see the tips of the nail thing now. You cant recognize it at first

    Posted 2.9.10
  6. Erica Sung wrote:

    yeaa, that tip thing would bother me soo much. but it still looks hot! do they just like press the foil down on your nails?

    Posted 2.9.10
  7. Sabeen wrote:

    yeah they press it down and then they apply heat from this lamp to seal it.

    Posted 2.11.10

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