Crumbs Cupcakes, I gave you way too many chances

Cupcakes at Crumbs
Cookie dough cupcakes

Here’s my thing about Crumbs cupcakes: they’re misleading. They make the most beautifully decorated cupcakes, and some too with sweet surprise fillings — but they’re just not that great.

I’ve tried to like them, but they just taste like the ones at the groceries to me. I thought I’d give it another go and stopped by the bakery in midtown on Broadway between 52nd and 53rd. I picked up a chocolate-filled vanilla cupcake with vanilla frosting and crispy chocolate bits:

Chocolate Crispy cupcake

Looks amazing right?? See what I mean? It’s hard to resist, but just didn’t do it for me. I decided to order a chai latte to down it, since generally chai lattes are hard to mess up — at least I like to think so.

Chai latte

But I couldn’t even finish my cup — it was too sweet if there could be such a thing. I like sweet over bitter tea and coffee drinks, but even I could take so much of it.

Once again. A fail. I’m sorry Crumbs. I tried to love you.

Have you guys ever tried Crumbs’ cupcakes? What do you guys think?

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  1. sadia wrote:

    agreed…looks and smells way better than they taste =/.

    Posted 2.11.10
  2. Nada wrote:

    I don’t think theyre aweful. They’ll get the job done. I’m kind of partial to grocery store cupcakes anyways

    Posted 2.11.10
  3. Sarah wrote:

    i love the raspberry filling one, its one of my fave cupcakes in nyc, have you tried it?

    Posted 2.11.10
  4. shyema wrote:

    Hilarious tweet from a friend:

    @changebumpin: @BeautyNDFeast I guess we have different thoughts on the matter. Just posted this pic last night!

    Posted 2.11.10
  5. Chai wrote:

    Agreed!!! I always find them to be a little dry, and they are just wayyyy too massive. Billys, sugar sweet sunshine, magnolia even, this city is filled with way too many delectable cupcake options to let Crumbs be the cupcake go to .

    Posted 2.11.10
  6. shyema wrote:

    They’re not the worst cupcakes ever at all — it’s just i think like Sadia said, they look a lot better and taste just good..I feel like you’d expect more or something from how beautiful they are

    Posted 2.11.10
  7. Samira wrote:

    I haven’t had a chance to try the Crumbs off these cupcakes yet BUT there is this tiny cozy little cute place in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn that I absolutely loved going to when I lived out there. It’s called Little Cupcake and they have these Red Velvet cupcakes (frosting is obvi the best part) that are magically deelish! They also have this Nutella Cappuccino that is to die for. Some say it’s a little to sweet for their taste, but seriously, can you ever go wrong with Nutella? Also it’s walking distance from the Verrazono Bridge/water which is a great place to walk (off the cupcakes) or sit on the bench and enjoy the scene!

    Posted 2.11.10
  8. miral wrote:

    I’m not a fan. I love magnolia, billy’s or buttercup. yummm.

    Posted 2.11.10
  9. Hajera Azam wrote:

    wow, those are to die for. Im glad they dont taste good cause id try em alllll!

    Posted 2.11.10
  10. Dee wrote:

    crumbs is yummy enough but compared to other cupcakes they don’t stand a chance!

    Posted 2.18.10
  11. I love the Blackout cupcake. But mainly because it tastes like the Blackout chocolate cake at Cheesecake Factory. Before you ask why I order chocolate cake at a place notorious for cheesecake, it’s because I don’t like cheesecake.

    Posted 2.22.10
  12. samia wrote:

    Omg those look delicious!!!! I want one right now. Will definitely have some when I come back to visit.

    Posted 2.28.10

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