Joe’s Pizza in the West Village

I can’t say I’m in love with NY style pizza yet (sorry, it’s the Chi town girl in me). But there are some exceptions. I was introduced to Joe’s Pizza recently by a friend who had to horribly make up for the last place he suggested. It’s the same West Village location that is frequented by celebs and also where they shot scenes from Spider-Man 2. Other random trivia: its sister location in LA is where Heidi Klum did her I Get That A Lot spoof for the TV show. I picked up some very lovely ladies, Samira and Mariam, for a little taste test:

FYI, I kinda got cheese all over my teeth in the first bite so I may have made a questionable face BUT the verdict: This is some good NY-style pizza. Fresh, crispy, with a good balance of sauce and cheese. I love their no-frills approach too — just plain cheese or pepperoni, at least at this location. It’s a tiny place, and you might not get a seat since it seems to always be crowded, but that’s what the park just across the street is good for. I’ll be going back for sure…

Restaurant Info:
Joe’s Pizza

7 Carmine St.
nr. Sixth Ave.
New York, NY 10014
West Village



  1. Nada wrote:

    GRIMALDIS! Man when the weather is good, I’ll take you on our BK pizza tour. BROOKLYN is where the best pizza is at

    Posted 3.5.10
  2. Nada wrote:

    oh, also, please try the Vodka slice @ Pomodoros on Mulberry and Spring

    Posted 3.5.10
  3. shyema wrote:

    Dude I’m telling you I’m down!

    Posted 3.5.10
  4. Haha I love the video! I’m going to have to try this, I’ve always heard great things. Have you been to Vezzo? It’s at 34th and Lex, and I really liked it when I went. It’s very close to Italian pizza, and I’m obviously super picky about that. It’s not like the best pizza ever, but it’s definitely pretty authentic, thin-crust Italian.

    Posted 3.5.10
  5. Shyema wrote:

    I’ve heard so much at Vezzo!! I need to go there next

    Posted 3.5.10
  6. Shoaib wrote:

    Vezzo is good. Get the chixpotle w jalapenos instead of pineapple.

    Posted 3.7.10
  7. Samira wrote:

    Totally craving a slice of Joe’s right now! Let’s go!!!
    Vezzo’s is actually pretty decent. I’m pretty sure Cali has some awesome pizza’s as well *hint hint*

    Posted 3.8.10
  8. aam wrote:

    grimaldis! mmm hmmm

    Posted 3.8.10
  9. Marie wrote:

    This is so funny! I have only visited NYC once on my honey moon and when i watched your video I realized that I had been to this pizza parlor! I showed my husband and he laughed and agreed! Small world even in NYC!! And yes I thought the pizza was scrumptious 🙂
    ~ Marie

    Posted 3.9.10
  10. shyema wrote:

    hahaha really??? It really is, good choice though 🙂

    Posted 3.9.10
  11. tina Chaudhary wrote:

    YUM!!! I like Joe’s Pizza.

    I also really like Lombardi’s pizza (the first American pizzeria ever)!
    32 Spring St
    New York, NY 10012-4173
    (212) 941-7994
    Cross Street: Corner of Spring and Mott Street (the number 6 subway line is only a block away)

    Posted 3.9.10
  12. shaifa wrote:

    dollar slices at 2bros on st. marks near astor place. soo yummy, and soo cheap!

    Posted 3.9.10

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