Levain Bakery makes cookies from heaven

I don’t remember the last time I came across cookies this good from an NYC bakery like Levain on the Upper West Side.

Levain Bakery's Chocolate Chip Walnut

The cookies are pretty huge, with a slightly crispy shell and super soft inside, and filled with soft, almost melted chocolate chips. It was just cookie perfection. I wish I could say I discovered it myself but all credit is due to my friend Fahad, who came across the cookies in NYC and stopped by just to drop it off for me and my cousins to try! We were all blown away at how it just melts in your mouth.

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter chip

The Levain back story is also pretty interesting, as I think rings true of most NYC bakeries. The co-founders Connie McDonald and Pam Weekes, met back in the 80s. Connie worked in banking and Pam in fashion, and through a mutual understanding during an unlikely time — while training for an Ironman Triathalon(yes, while they were training to swim 2.4 mi, bike 112, and run 26 mi nonstop) — all they could think about was cookies. And Levain was born.

Since then, it’s been touted by the best by the likes of Barefoot Contessa and Bobby Flay, most recently winning his Chocolate Chip Cookie Throwdown. Now that’s some serious cred.

Bakery info:
Levain Bakery

167 West 74th Street
at Amsterdam Ave.
New York, NY 10023
Upper West Side


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  1. Sarah wrote:

    ughhh everyone keeps raving about these i need to get up there asap!!!

    Posted 3.17.10
  2. Nada wrote:

    omg I just got fatter reading that

    Posted 3.18.10
  3. fatima wrote:

    u must take me and jumania to this place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted 3.18.10
  4. sidrah wrote:

    i think your next giveaway should be something edible 🙂 these cookies look AMAZING!

    Posted 3.18.10
  5. Priya wrote:

    I am also obsessed with this place. I love the peanut butter and chocolate cookie. (Sometimes I dream of it.)

    Posted 3.19.10
  6. Nabila wrote:

    I’ve heard only good things about this place. Time to take a trip! Maybe I’ll walk there from Astoria as to justify consumption.

    Posted 3.22.10
  7. Rahela wrote:

    omggg i know my comment is late on this post but shazad and i are OBSESSED w/Levain! i loveeee love their chocolate chip walnut. esp when they give it to you hot out of the oven, it melts in your mouth!

    Posted 4.18.10
  8. shyema wrote:

    Droool craving one now!

    Posted 4.18.10
  9. Sarah wrote:

    i’m sorry, i tried them this weekend, and while they’re good and all, the hype is way excessive. overrated.

    Posted 5.3.10
  10. shyema wrote:

    I’ve come to the conclusion that your taste buds need reexamining SK…I don’t understand them.

    Posted 5.3.10
  11. HLawson wrote:

    They smell much better than they actually taste! I still prefer a Double Tree cookie fresh out of the oven! I haven’t tried the chocolate peanut butter chip one though. Maybe tomorrow!

    Posted 7.10.10
  12. shyema wrote:


    Posted 7.11.10

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