Coffee lovers, make your way over to Stumptown

I’ve been getting referred to some of the best places lately, and Stumptown has been one my favorites so far. My friend’s cousin, Imraan, recently came to visit NYC from Capetown and told me about this coffee joint he had come across. I figured if he’s missing it from S. Africa, then I definitely have to try.

Baristas at Stumptown

How awesome are the baristas in their vintage 50s get up? I was not expecting it but love that, along with all the old school roasters hanging back in the decor, add so much to the ambiance — makes it feel so much more authentic.

Not to say that it isn’t. In fact, before I went, I had no idea how much press this place has gotten ever since its Ace Hotel grand opening last September. TIME magazine has even been touting it as a major player in coffee’s “third wave,” referring to the free-trade philosophy rivaling the corporate likes of Starbucks. Owner Duane Sorenson is well-known to be bit neurotic when it comes to his roast. Some say he’s remaking the coffee business.

“[Stumptown] routinely pays more at auction for prized lots of coffee beans than anyone else, offers more single-origin coffees than anyone (20 at the New York plant) and is at the forefront of nearly every new-coffee frontier: espresso-delivery technology, international partnerships and generally changing the idea of coffee from a staple commodity, like corn or sugar, to something closer to wine, with seasons and terroir and varietals as different as Burgundy chardonnay and Austrian riesling.” [TIME]

Stumptown gained a cult following through it’s Portland-based outpost, after which Sorenson set his sights on NY. I’m so glad he did, because the latte I had was pretty nice…actually delicious. The iced latte my friend Summar ordered was yum too — I guess it lived up to the hype.

Stumptown Latte
Stumptown Iced Latte

Coffee lovers, you must try.

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How Stumptown’s Duane Sorenson Plans to Save New York from Inferior Coffee

Cafe info:

18 W 29th St.
at Broadway
New York, NY 10001



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  1. YUM! I am going to have to check it out one of these weekends…. or maybe if I ever get up in time to walk to work… it’s right on my way. And um, is it just me or does one of those baristas look a little bit like Justin Timberlake? hahaha.


    Posted 3.29.10
  2. shyema wrote:

    HAHAHA I said the EXACT same thing about that particular barista to my friend when we went…well I guess just another incentive to go..

    Posted 3.29.10
  3. tina Chaudhary wrote:

    I am loving the JT inspired baristas too! Oh and of course… I am thirsty for coffee.

    Posted 3.30.10
  4. Marie wrote:

    oh yes, I love the outfits that the baristas wear there! The ACE hotel is also a great place to sit and work. Efficiency is floating in the air, kind of.

    Posted 3.30.10

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