Good things come in IceBerry cups

By Tina Chaudhary

I’ve tried my fair share of fro-yo joints, but this one’s hands down my favorite: IceBerry in the DC-area.

I can seriously eat it any time of the day. It’s probably a good thing I end up eating it as a meal otherwise you might see a froyo-induced contingent appear soon on my waistline. Must not jinx self in blog post, must not jinx self in blog post, must not… The silver lining: it’s not loaded with calories (yes!). Plus, all you lactose-intolerant folk have no excuse — yogurt has enzymes that assist in breaking down dairy, allowing said people to ingest yogurt and frozen yogurt with little or no side effects.

Plus, it’s an immune system aid says Iceberry’s website: a University of California at Davis showed that the gamma interferon level increased 300% by consuming 16 oz of yogurt (with live cultures) a day.

IceBerry’s honeydew flavor is my favorite. I suggest topping it with mochi, then pick two others favorites of yours. On this particular day, I went with strawberries and chocolate chips, but you can’t go wrong with a selection choice of pineapples, mangoes, blueberries and raspberries among others.

Maybe I’m crazy, but after my first visit to IceBerry, I came home and created a Facebook group for the company. THAT’s how much I love it. But considering there are so many similar frozen yogurt places, I have to ask: What’s your favorite fro-yo joint?

Restaurant Info:

3001 M Street NW
Washington, DC 20007-3702

Check Iceberry’s website for more locations!


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  1. I haven’t done IceBerry but now I’m intrigued. They started opening up a whole lot of Greenberrys in the D.C./MD/VA area. I tried their chocolate yogurt with walnuts, and it was decent. I haven’t done their plain yogurt with fruit, though, which is a better comparison.

    What I did like about Greenberry is that they change up their yogurt flavors – they have some constants like vanilla, chocolate and I think strawberry, but when I was there they also had a pomegranate flavor, a couple of weeks before it was a mocha flavor.

    Posted 3.31.10
  2. kristen wrote:

    have you tried Sweet Green? it’s my DC area fave. they even have a sweetflow truck that sells the froyo on the go! awesome.

    Posted 3.31.10
  3. Rahela wrote:

    yum! is it similar to red mango or pinkberry or yolato? i must say im a red mango fan!

    Posted 3.31.10
  4. shyema wrote:

    I haven’t tried these DC area fro yo places but they sound awesome..I think i’m going to have to do a DC fro yo tour 🙂

    Posted 4.1.10
  5. tina Chaudhary wrote:

    Kristen, I’ve tried Sweet Green before, it’s a successful operation started by students from Georgetown! They just opened up a new location in Logan & Dupont Circle. I like the salads but the yogurt was not my favorite though it’s better than Mr. Yogato! I had no idea about the sweetflow truck… cool thanks for sharing. I have to check it out. For all of you:

    Rahela, Iceberry reminds me of Red Mango but it’s not as creamy. I haven’t tried Pinkberry yet!

    My faves in order (from what I’ve tried):
    1) Iceberry
    2) Red Mango (if you like creamier, this might be your #1)
    3) Sweet Green
    4) Mr. Yogato (maybe this shouldn’t be on the list!)

    Sabrina, did you like the pomegranate flavor? I didn’t ! It was a tad on the bland side. Also I can’t get into chocolate froyo, especially if I get fruit toppings!

    Posted 4.3.10
  6. sm wrote:

    Hands down best fro-yo joint?? You cannot beat the 39cent per oz Cocomero son.

    Posted 4.19.10
  7. shyema wrote:

    I’m going to have to agree with SM.

    Posted 4.19.10

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