So cute, I could eat it…

…but I won’t…because they’re actually soap. Melissa discovered these food soaps from (appropriately named) LoveLeeSoaps sold at Etsy. They look freakishly real, contain smoothing shea butter and range from $3.50-$9.50. Plus…they would make the cutest favors for your next themed party.

To see all the soaps from LoveLeeSoaps, check out the seller’s shop here:



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  1. jess b. wrote:

    My mouth was watering after the 1st so realistic and cute, idk about the hotdog one tho lol

    Posted 6.26.10
  2. feeeeee wrote:

    this is the best blog ever!

    Posted 6.27.10
  3. Alex S. wrote:

    These are cute and impressive, but the whole food-as-soap thing is bizarre to me. For instance, I love Lush, but I really don’t need all the berries and almonds and cookies and pieces of cake or whatever they throw in there that just clogs up my shower. Granted, this is just food-shaped and not actual food, but I wonder what it is about us that makes food appealing as a beauty product.

    Posted 6.28.10
  4. shyema wrote:

    Alex, that’s true (haha re: pieces of cake). I would rather have one of those dessert soaps over let’s say, popcorn soaps to have in the bath. For some reason, the chocolate-scented soaps/shampoos never appealed to me. It’s like a tease — smell don’t eat.

    Posted 6.28.10

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