Beautifully Delicious Links, 8/13/10

Jennifer Lopez via Glamour

What’s good this Friday the 13th:

  • How JLo glammed up for her cover shoot – Glamour
  • India considers a constitutional right to food – The New York Times
  • Oh, and India also comes out with skin-whitening FB app – The Straits Times
  • Critics review the just-opened Pop Tarts World in Times Square – Gawker
  • 6 most horrifying ingredients in everyday cosmetics – Cracked
  • Blogger tries “whale sperm” hair conditioner – Lemondrop
  • San Fran may ban Happy Meal toys – Serious Eats
  • Your makeup drawer expiration dates – Glamour
  • Recyclables become spoons and spatulas – The New York Times
  • Celeb hair: Better straight or curly? – Too Fab

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