Laura Mercier’s Flawless Beauty Campaign

Laura Mercier wants to know your definition of “flawless” beauty.

The beauty brand has launched a What is Flawless campaign to challenge conventional thoughts on this topic.

 Submit your personal idea of “flawless” beauty to between Sept. 1st and Dec. 1st, 2010, and they will donate $1 to the Gulf Relief Foundation, which works to restore the wetlands in Louisiana, as well as to return the Gulf and New Orleans to their previously flawless state.

Tweet them at @lauramercier using hashtag #whatisflawless.


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  1. lorel wrote:

    just try vasaline! no i’m not crazy…apply at nigth with a clean wand…i had visibly thicker longer lashes in just a couple weeks….don’t exspect resutlt next day…and be careful…sumdging it around teh eyes is NOT a good idea…i love my “natural” lashes and i hopethsi helsp all who read it:)

    Posted 9.1.10

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