Kebabalicious in Austin, TX

By Burger Guy


The other day I was fighting criminals that were trying to break into this orphanage that I volunteer at. All of a sudden I realized, I was starving. So I samurai punched the last criminal in the face, and after the cops took him away, I went with my friends to Kebabalicious.

You know all those Turkish places Shyema’s always raving about in NYC? This is like those, except good.

Get your grape leaves and feta out of my face, and indulge in one of these delicious wraps instead. The wraps are composed of some kind of thin turkish flat bread, wrapped around beef and lamb kebabs, mixed in with some salad and doused in white sauce and hot sauce. This place is the “chicken and rice” equivalent in Austin. The food’s sold out of a truck and 5 bucks will get you a regular sized wrap. I had to go king-sized though because of my aforementioned workout. This place totally lives up to its name.

Restaurant Info:

450 E 7th St / 7th & Trinity
Austin, TX 78701


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