New Treatments from Elemis at Bliss Spas

By Melissa Stephans

I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz lately about Bliss creating new spa treatments in their W Hotel locations, so I did some snooping around and here’s what I found…

As it turns out, Bliss recently teamed up with Elemis to offer the dry-skinned masses some soothing solutions to their epidermal dramas:  The Exotic Ginger and Lime Salt Scrub, and the Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial.  I heard some pretty positive reviews for both, so I figured I’d give one of them a shot.

Bliss Spa in Hollywood

Though I don’t often aim to smell like a summertime cocktail, I decided to try the Elemis Exotic Ginger and Lime Salt Scrub.  I made an appointment (courtesy of Bliss) at the Westwood’s W Hotel and the experience was amazing!  The treatment, which used a combination of Bliss and Elemis products, was relaxing and incredibly moisturizing to my skin, which can be rather dry and rough.  (Side note: I can’t believe I’m admitting this, but in seventh grade, one of my classmates brushed against my arm and declared that it felt like a cat’s tongue.  I still want to cry from this.)

Here’s a rundown of my Exotic Ginger and Lime Salt Scrub experience:

1. Soothing massage and hot towel for the feet. This was step 1, so basically, they had me at hello.

2. Dry brush.A dry brush is used to exfoliate skin.

3. Elemis Camellia Oil. This preps skin for the scrub.

4. Elemis Lime and Ginger Salt Scrub. MAJOR exfoliation.

5. Vichy Cleanse. At first, it felt strange to be hosed down from neck to toe by multiple shower heads, while reclined on a table. But after a minute or two, awkwardness gave way to complete and utter bliss.  This is the perfect “shower” for someone so lazy that she can’t be bothered to stand up–that’s me!

6.  Elemis Exotic Island Flower Body Balm. I loved the scent of this so much, that I asked for a little extra in a cup for after my shower.

It is probably a good idea to take a shower after this treatment for two reasons:  First, your hair might be a little frizzy from the Vichy shower.  Second, you are at Bliss and you will want to play with all of the products the spa has to offer–not to mention the sauna style shower.  OMG. UH-mazing.

Check online for participating Bliss Spa/W Hotel locations, but if you are in the L.A. area, I highly suggest going to Wendy Givens at the Westwood location.  Hollywood’s W Hotel has a Bliss Spa that is pretty unparalleled when it comes to atmosphere and luxury, but I have to admit that Wendy from the W Westwood Jerry Maguire’d me (she had me at “hello”).  I don’t respond well to a sales pitch, so I immediately took to her honest demeanor and forthright approach.

Since I’d never experienced a full body scrub from Bliss, she walked me through the process and told me what to expect from her and the products.  I loved how open Wendy was to answering my annoying questions, such as, “Why are you rubbing a brush all over my body?  I don’t have hair over there.”  (Answer: “Brushing” helps circulation and exfoliation–aside from that, it feels incredibly relaxing.)

Thanks to Wendy, I was so relaxed and glowing that I failed to realize I was the last person in the spa.  Evidently, time flew while I was playing with all of the post-treatment locker room goodies, because at some point in the evening, the spa had closed.  When you’re having so much fun that you accidentally stay past a spa’s hours of operation, that’s how you know you’ll be back.  Not only did they have me at hello, but they obviously had me at goodbye.  Impressive.


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