Louise Roe, Kat DeLuna and more dish on beauty and food at the Bebe party

There were some gorgeous people Tuesday night at The Griffin for Bebe‘s fashion show after-party. That includes the faces of English stylist and fashion reporter Louise Roe (you may have also seen her on The City as Erin’s top pick to replace Olivia at Elle), R&B singer Kat DeLuna, actress Ali Landry, and Ramona Singer of The Real Housewives of New York City. The better news is, we got the scoop on some of their beauty and food obsessions…

Model/Journalist Louise Roe
Singer Kat DeLuna

Louise Roe may be English, but it looks like she has a thing for the Aussies: “I don’t leave the house without Lucas’ Papaw,” she said. “It’s a lip ointment you only get in Australia but a lot of makeup artists buy it on eBay here…I have it on right I have it on now!” I asked her about her favorite food digs in NYC and she said it was Aussie-owned Kingswood in the West Village. “My friends own it and it’s got a great vibe, great food.” Roe and I bonded over the sandwiches at my own favorite hole-in-the-wall Nolita restaurant, Ruby’s, owned by the same people!

Bronx-born Kat DeLuna, whose new single “Be There” will be out at the end of the month, was game to lend some of her own beauty secrets:

“Oh my God, I have this crazy beauty secret, but I’ll tell you,” she said with a laugh. “I have to do TV shows sometimes at 4 or 5 in the morning and I’ll have bags under my eyes, so I dab a little Preparation H on my dark circles and it totally diffuses them!”

We had to know what the NY-native’s favorite restaurant was in the city. Turns out, it’s right in midtown: Cafe Nunez on 35th. “Whenever I’m not feeling like eating homecooked Dominican food, I definitely enjoy their Spanish menu.”

Ramona Singer

Real HousewivesRamona Singer definitely knows a thing or two about beauty — she has her own skincare line, Tru Renewal. Her beauty tip: “I never leave the house without SPF!” And while her favorite eats in NY is The Standard Grill, she says she knows her way around the kitchen. “I make a great bolognese sauce!” she said. We talked a little about this season of the show too. “We’re gonna have lots of fun this season – we may have little fights, but it’ll definitely be fun.”

Additional reporting by Katie-Hintz Zambrano

Update: Regarding Kat’s beauty tip, the ingredient Bio-Dyne in Preparation H is what reduces puffiness — which is also an ingredient that was removed from the US formula. The Canadian version still has it though…just a thought before you run to the store!



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