Kanye West Tweets about lipstick

Kanye West tweeted about lipstick

Ever-outspoken rapper, Kanye West, had something to say last night — but this time it was about lipstick. It started with:

“Please don’t let girls start wearing dark lipstick again. I just think girls need to know that guys don’t really like black lipstick”

“I think classic red is the sexiest or no make up at all … nothing too experimental”

Umm…subliminal messages to his girlfriend, Amber Rose?

Kanye West's girlfriend, Amber Rose

But of course, it doesn’t stop there…

“Keep the crazy colors on the toes”
“Do girls even base any of they lip choices on what we like?”
“She say… well my hairdresser like it… well tell me what your lipdresser says”
“I looked at the time and just thought … oh shit… it’s girls at the club right now with” dark lipstick reading this…. uuuuuuuuh my bad”
“I think girls be trying to impress other girls with all them weird ass lip colors lol”
“In the studio with Jay and B. Beyonce just explained to me that lip dressers are better known as make up artist lol”

Not even 15 minutes later, “Lipstick” became a trending topic — you made some beauty writers verrrry happy last night, Kanye…

What do you guys think? Are weird colors OK sometimes? Classic red or nothing at all?

UPDATE: Apparently, West and Rose broke up — like months ago…wonder why…


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  1. Nada wrote:

    didn’t he and amber rose break up?

    Posted 9.29.10
  2. shyema wrote:

    Might have been over her lipstick…

    Posted 9.29.10
  3. I laughed so much when I saw Kanye’s Tweets about the lipstick that day (and the thought of Beyonce trying to explain it to him). And yeah, he’s supposedly shacking up with Selita Ebanks. Why do I even know that?

    Posted 10.6.10

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