Somme Institute’s 5-Step Skin Regimen

Somme Institute's 5-step regimen

Back in August, I was invited to Somme Institute‘s offices to learn more about their luxe 5-step skin regimen. Somme bases their products on MDT5 technology — five highly engineered vitamins (A, B3, B5, C, and E) which they say delivers vitamins deep within the skin. It’s backed up by over seven years of research and before and after photos of women captured by UV camera, which showed significant damage-reversal that goes beyond the skin’s surface. The Mandarin Oriental in NYC spa even uses their products for facials.

The benefits? Reduces fine lines and wrinkles; reverses sun damage; evens out discoloration; eliminates moderate to severe acne/rosacea; and improves skin tone.

They sent me home with a complimentary package of the 5-step to try out for myself. The one thing that was really emphasized was to use everything as a regimen — so that means no picking and choosing. The 5-steps includes:

Step 1: Nourishing Cleanser
Step 2: Transport – pre-moistened cotton pads infused with glycolic acid
Step 3: Serum – which contains an alternative form of Vitamin C
Step 4: A-bomb – a potent vitamin A and E moisturizer
Step 5: Double Defense – lightweight, non-clogging SPF

I’ve been using it for a few months now and this is what I found:

  • The regimen significantly reduces dark spots left behind my blemishes and evened out my complexion in a way that people started noticing. My skin even felt brighter.
  • It was totally non-irritating to my skin, which normally reacts. People with extra-sensitive skin might find they need to only use to cotton pads once instead of twice a day, but I didn’t feel the need myself.
  • I didn’t deal with any major breakouts, but I also felt like it didn’t totally treat every single pimple.

    Here’s the catch, if you want to call it that: It doesn’t come cheap. For the whole 5-step regimen, it’s $298 (keep in mind, I did get mine complimentary to test). If you have the means, then it’s well worth it for anti-aging, complexion issues. If you’re looking for a new regimen and just want to try this one, their travel kit is $85 with smaller products.

    It’s also a time commitment since if you’re going to use it, you really have to use it in succession. I ran out of my Transport cotton pads, and I noticed without that extra exfoliation, I was breaking out a little more than usual.

    For acne issues, I felt like it treated but didn’t completely do away with the zits that popped up. That’s why I feel like if you mostly need a boost in complexion or have anti-aging, sun-damage concerns, then it’s a great line to address that.

    What I REALLY loved was their Eye cream (the optional sixth step). I don’t have major under-eye issues but I do occasionally have to deal with puffiness and dryness. This is such a lightweight, moisturizing cream, and kept the area taut.

    Have you heard of Somme Institute before? How much are you willing to invest in a skincare line?

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