Adirondack Creamery Ice Creams – Love at first bite.

I got a very special delivery a few weeks ago:

A special delivery from Adirondack Creamery

Yup. Six pints of ice cream from Adirondack Creamery, delivered to me personally by its founder, Paul Nasrani.

Kulfi Pistachio-Cardamom Photo Credit: Kathy YL Chan/

The sweet gesture is in essence what sets his ice cream apart — he’s involved with every minute detail. The story of how he came up with his company is pretty inspiring too. Paul turned a childhood obsession into a hobby as he would churn away batches of ice cream at home. Years later, he was working in the corporate world, but that didn’t stop him from continuing his passion for making premium ice cream out of his Manhattan apartment. Eventually, he quit his job and turned entrepreneur, partnering up with Boice Bros. Dairy Farm in Kingston, NY. It was then that Adirondack Creamery came to what it is today: fresh, locally-produced. natural ice cream, made with hormone-free milk and free of artificial flavors. The results are delicious.

Our tasting party of Adirondack Creamery ice creams!

You can actually taste the difference in quality — the flavors are so fresh and different, like Kulfi Pistachio-Cardamom or the homemade toffee/vanilla blend, “Barkeater” — yes, they are both as delicious as they sound and both by far my favorites. I tried not to be too greedy and brought all the flavors out (which also included Coffee, Peppermint Stick, plus the seasonal Pumpkin Pie and Egg Nog flavors)  for a little tasting party with my friends. We gathered around the spread of treats, and dug in. I thought I could get a unanimous vote on a favorite, but they really seemed to be enjoying them all! Egg Nog and the Kulfi Pistachio-Cardamom were probably voted the most refreshingly unique.

During the winter, a scoop of Adirondack’s ice cream also makes a wonderful side to a warm baked treat (like the molten chocolate lava cake I made for my friends recently — that post to come tomorrow!).

Adirondack Creamery ice creams are sold all over NY and NJ, including at Whole Foods. For a complete listing of stores, check out their website by CLICKING HERE. Trust me, you’re going to want to find some and try it yourself…

Which flavor are you craving?



  1. shazia wrote:

    it was definitely difficult deciding my favorite! i think it was egg nog. craving it now…i’ve never actually had real egg nog, makes me wanna try it!

    Posted 12.14.10
  2. Jainal wrote:

    Kulfi Pistachio-Cardamom = awesomeness!

    Posted 12.14.10
  3. Saqib wrote:

    egg nog and ‘barkeater’ were delicious. they were also so distinct in their taste.

    Posted 12.14.10
  4. Yasir wrote:

    the egg nog and the peppermint were both amazing! WANT MOAR

    Posted 12.14.10
  5. Enid P. wrote:

    pumpkin pie. i love pumpkin anything…

    Posted 12.14.10
  6. Sarah wrote:

    Never had eggnog anything before, was pleased with the tasty results!

    Posted 12.14.10
  7. im dying looking at these pictures. send me some via dry ice boxed delivery? pwease?

    Posted 12.14.10

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