Malatesta Trattoria – West Village

Last week marked my second visit to Malatesta Trattoria, the first being my birthday earlier this year. It’s a quaint, super cozy Italian restaurant with Italian waiters and deliciously authentic food. Both times I couldn’t help myself and get their homemade gnocchi. They make a special spinach gnocchi with gorgonzola sauce. I’m a lover of cheese, but the gorgonzola might be strong if you’re not — but also, in which case you can order their regular gnocchi with tomato basil. I haven’t had that dish myself, but having tried many of their dishes the last time I was here, I can bet it’s probably just as delicious.

Spinach Gnocchi, $13

After we were done ogling our neighbors food, my friend Lauren ordered the same dish — the grilled tilapia which was the special of the day.

Grilled Tilapia (special of the day)

The prices are hard to come by with such tasty and filling portions. But I guess it’s worth noting even Vanessa Williams seems to be a fan — she walked in with a party of six later on in the evening!

Restaurant Info:
Malatesta Trattoria

649 Washington St
New York, NY 10014
West Village



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