Gift Guide: Corso Como and BCBG Generation Boots

By Melissa Stephans

Corso Como Rhonda riding boots (Available at

One of the reasons why wintertime is so special is because of, well, boots. I. Love. Boots. High heel boots and riding boots tend to work best for most situations in life. Flat boots are very friendlier on the feet, but as with any accessory, good design is imperative. As always, comfort and quality reign supreme; however, right now price is definitely an important factor to me. It seems next to impossible to find a boot that satisfies these demands, but lucky for you, I learned a few tricks during my time editing accessories at the mags. When shopping for an inexpensive boot, keep hardware (zipers, etc) as minimal as possible. The less expensive the boot, the cheaper the hardware will look. What you want to look for is great quality leather and sole. The heel should look strong and of good quality. My favorite low-price boot brands are Corso Como and BCBG Generation. Corso Como is famous for their plush padding and they have leather that doesn’t scream CHEAP. BCBG Generation also has some sturdy kicks at great prices. My suggestion is to go to for a plethora of options. Corso Como boots are also available at


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