Brunch at Cafeteria

You guys may have remembered me going gaa gaa over the mac n’ cheese with truffle oil at Cafeteria a while back. Truffle oil and cheese are just a few of my favorite things. I went back there recently for brunch and it did not disappoint. We decided since the mac n’ cheese worked so well for us, might as well try the mac n’ cheese spring rolls which comes with a smoked gouda dipping sauce:

Mac n cheese spring rolls, $9

A generous latte

Monterey eggs, $10

The Monterey Eggs were divine — fried eggs, warm tortilla, avocado, pepperjack cheese, and cherry tomato salsa.

Country Flatbread, $11

The country flatbread was a little more simple, with truffle oil (this place seems to swear by that ingredient), shaved parmesan and asparagus. If you’re going on a weekend, get there early since there always seems to be a wait!

Restaurant Info:

119 Seventh Ave.
at 17th
New York, NY 10011



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  1. Nicole wrote:

    OMGAH, Mac & Cheese Spring Rolls?!!!!!

    Those look sooo yummy. Do they taste the same as fried mac & cheese?

    Posted 1.26.11
  2. shyema wrote:

    I’ve never had fried mac n cheese before! Compared to the truffle oil mac n cheese dish here, there’s not as strong in taste, but still delish 🙂

    Posted 1.26.11

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