My skincare routine…

So I was asked to post my skincare routine (Hi Erica!). I mentioned in the GliSODin post that I change it up a lot because I haven’t found the magic formula yet (isn’t that what we’re all looking for?). Well that, and because I’m constantly scouring for new products to write about. More times than not, I’m disappointed in brands that make grandiose claims that don’t deliver. I also think it’s pretty tough to write about skincare — everyone’s skin type is different and some are more sensitive than others. But since you ask, these few have been pretty good to me lately:

CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser ($12)

CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser

It says foaming, but it’s a gel consistency that stays pretty clean. I used to use stronger face washes, but this has been gentle yet effective enough. I actually felt like I broke out when I stopped using it. Otherwise, I feel like my skin feels pretty balanced and clean when I use this!

Clarisonic ($195)

Clarisonic skin care system

I love my Clarisonic. I feel like I’m getting a facial at home every single time I use it. I had to change the brush head to the one designed for ‘sensitive skin’ though because my skin can’t take too much buffing. Another thing is, I don’t use it every single day. I feel like it’s too much exfoliating for me (personally, I think you should use it sparingly or you might irritate your skin, but I guess there are some types that can handle it). When I feel like I need a deep cleaning though, I bust this out for sure.

CeraVe’s Facial Moisturizing Lotion AM and PM Lotion ($14 each)

CeraVe's AM and PM Lotions

Can you tell I love CeraVe? The AM lotion has UV protection (SPF 30) and the PM lotion has hyaluronic acid which is an excellent moisturizer, as well as niacinamide which is proven to help create more ceramides and fatty acids to protect your skin. My face feels so soft afterwards when I use these routinely. To be honest, I was first introduced to the products from an event with Dr. Leslie Baumann, a well-respected derm and one of my skin idols (will talk more about her endeavors in a post to come). But she believes in specific skin types and based on mine, I was given these to take home. I couldn’t believe something as easy as a drugstore brand could works so well, but they did for me.

For occasional breakouts: This is going to be a tease, but NOTHING works better for me than AvΓ¨ne’s Cleanance Acne Spot Treatment. The reason I feel bad for even mentioning it is because it’s no longer available in their line for purchase πŸ™ I know, because I wanted to write a whole post about how much of a life-saver this has been to me in the past (like when I had this giant zit on my nose during my trip to Europe and just two applications of this on the plane ride from Berlin to Paris, and it vanished…true story). Shortly found out that it’s no longer in production. Why do companies get rid of their best products?! Believe me, I’m devastated and have been savoring every last drop. Anyone have anything they use that works? I need a replacement soon.

Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel and Seaweed Cleansing Lotion ($12 and $15)

Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel and Seaweed Lotion

I know it sounds fancy pants, but Mario Badescu products are ridiculously affordable and effective (both of these for example are under $20 and come in big 8.0 fl oz bottles). I switched to MB when I was traveling recently because they came in little travel-friendly bottles that fit into a green case that made it easy to carry around. It’s extremely gentle on my skin too, and I love its fresh, relaxing scent. So many beauty editors have told me they get their facials from MB’s flagship on 52nd street (also very affordable $65 for NY standards). I always tell people to go to their website (, where you can fill out a questionnaire and they’ll send you samples of products that fit your skincare needs for free. I’ve done it before and the little samples they’ve sent me were fantastic (especially their Strawberry Face Scrub, yum).

For other night creams, I’ll also switch it up between Face It’s Dream Beautifully ($45) and Dr. Brandt’s Pores No More Pore Effect ($55) when my skin is feeling really dry. Don’t even get me started on masks and other indulgences — it’s a wholeee other story, maybe for another post.

But ENOUGH about me — what skin care products have been working for you lately?



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  1. Sarah wrote:

    you know, thanks to working at magazines i’ve been lucky enough to have had access to thousands of dollars worth of top-of-the-line moisturizers, but for whatever reason the one that’s always been just right for me has been… L’Oreal’s Active Daily Hydration. Which costs like a whopping $8. For years I’ve kept cheating on it with the next big-name brand wooing me from the beauty closet, and for years I keep going back. You can’t fight true love.

    Posted 4.13.11
  2. Samar wrote:

    I use the CeraVe cleanser too & it does a decent job for me as well. I haven’t tried the AM & PM lotions but now I’m curious as to how those would work for me.
    Right now I’m using the Body Shops Nutriganics AM&PM lotions. They’ve been awesome at keeping my skin clear and smooth. Even though I don’t have to worry about wrinkles and what not (knock on wood), prevention doesn’t hurt right?

    Posted 4.13.11
  3. priya wrote:

    mario badescu’s a.h.a and ceramide moisturizer and their seaweed cleanser. together they’ve kept me from needing frequent facials. if you get their drying lotion as a sample, it’s great for spot treatment. for facial scrub i love origins. mine’s the fruit based one but people rave about their modern friction.

    Posted 4.13.11
  4. shyema wrote:

    Samar, agree, CeraVe’s a good ‘everyday’ cleanser. I haven’t seen Body Shop’s line (truth be told, I always go in there for their scents :)). Prevention is key.

    Priya, I’m thinking after this test run I might look into more MB products. Origins just has never worked on me! But I had a friend recently telling me she swears by one of their serums.

    Posted 4.14.11
  5. Jess B wrote:

    I love MB products! I was hooked after I tried some samples, their masks feel like you are getting a facial from a professional. I’ve never tried CeraVe but Cetaphil Daily Cleanser has worked for me, I feel squeaky clean afterwards. But nothing makes me feel cleaner than the Clarisonic πŸ™‚ As it’s been starting to get warmer and more humid with the rain I switched my daily moisturizer to Garnier Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel Cream, i NEVER thought a gel cream could be so moisturizing but its amazing and is so light, definitely recommend for the summer months πŸ™‚

    Posted 4.14.11
  6. Jess B wrote:

    Oh and for the occaisonal breakout MB Drying Lotion is like a magic potion! πŸ™‚

    Posted 4.14.11
  7. shyema wrote:

    I should have given the drying lotion a fair chance…i used it for a second years ago and didn’t really know what i was doing so don’t think it worked for me — But it’s one of their most popular products!

    Posted 4.14.11
  8. erica wrote:

    yay thanks!! =D i need to try Cerave now, Ive tried almost every other gentle drugstore brand (purpose,cetaphil, vanicream)im gona go run out and get this now heh

    Posted 4.14.11
  9. erica wrote:

    oo and ive really been enjoying ole henrikson collagen serum as well as estee lauders advanced night repair! and for moisturizer ive been using this french moisturizer embroylisse which i heard from pixiwoo on youtube and its great!! and cetaphil daily face wash ;D

    Posted 4.14.11
  10. shyema wrote:

    Heard GREAT things about embroylisse…i have it sitting there waiting for me to try but haven’t’s it working for you?

    Posted 4.14.11
  11. erica wrote:

    i really like it! i thought it’d be too rich for my oily skin at first but its not at all! it really sinks in and keeps my skin pretty balanced actually. i recently tried origins mega mushroom, but i feel like that leaves a film on top of my face and doesn’t fully absorb. but yea it doesn’t irritate my acne prone skin at all either! it smells amazing too…like some expensive french cream..except its not expensive at all πŸ˜›

    Posted 4.20.11
  12. shyema wrote:

    I’m definitely going to try it out now, thanks Erica!!

    Posted 4.20.11
  13. Just stopping by to say thank you for the fantastic information you are providing here. It’s a pleasure if you maintain coming up with more such articles

    Posted 5.23.11
  14. Grace a wrote:

    I used Cerave for years, but stopped using it because I found better results with Citrus Clear products. Typically whatever the dermatologist gives me works for a while, but then stops. Now that my acne has become a lot more mild. I’ve been using Citrus Clear every day and it really helps a lot. I felt like Cerave was only moisturizing and not really cleaning, but I really feel clean and refreshed after using the Citrus Clear Face Wash. I’d recommend it to any teenager who just wants their freaking acne to go away for good.

    Posted 2.27.14
  15. Poonpo wrote:

    Really inspiring routine , amazing , you work hard for your skin πŸ™‚

    Posted 11.29.14

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