Beauty on the Streets: Sadia Khawaja of Paper Daydream

Sadia Khawaja, Founder of PaperDaydream

Name: Sadia Khawaja

Age: 27

Occupation: Design & Creative Services at Sony Pictures Digital Authoring Center | Founder/Designer/Editor of PaperDaydream | Editor for

Location: LA


“Starving Artist. Paper Chaser, Chasing Dreams. I started PaperDaydream in 2008, and have been growing it since. It’s my side project/night job that keeps me busy and happy. Designing wedding invitations is this crazy drug addiction for me now. I’ve never tried Chinese/Thai/Japanese food, and I don’t think I will. I’m nice. I love Scrabble. “

My style: rough around the edges, with a feminine approach | City-chic with a dark side.

My favorite songs right now is: Howl by Florence and the Machine, and Rolling In The Deep by Adele. My playlist is ever changing.

People usually compliment my: creativity…and shoes..

The best thing about starting up my own business is: Challenging myself. I like stimulating my brain and constantly evolving. I’m always thinking of new ways to expand, and new projects to creatively execute ideas. When I started, I didn’t think about the pros and cons, I just did. It’s stressful at times (in good and exciting ways), but I believe in being 100% passionate about what you do.

Water bottle labels by PaperDaydream

I’ll never forget the time: My parents took my siblings and I horseback riding. I was seven. The four of us went bareback on a horse through a trail, and I was seated behind my brothers and sister on the butt of the horse. As I had nothing to hold on to, I held on to my sister, but she squirmed away and I fell. They fell on top of me. My left arm was stuck in a 90 degree angle, and I told my dad I couldn’t move it straight. He told me to hold still as he straightened out my arm and I heard about 10 cracks. As I screamed in pain, it echoed. I broke my left elbow and I have a lovely (*eye-roll) battle wound scar. I’m left handed. I was forced to learn how to use my right hand. I guess I’m ambidextrous now.

For my skin, I love: Bleach and Ammonia. Just kidding, I only enjoy them in meals. I like 100% Pure Mint White Tea Facial Cleansing Foam, Organic Pomegranate Antioxidant Hydration with SPF 20, and Caffeine Eye Cream (smells so good!). I need something caffeinated because I never sleep.

My favorite makeup tip: adding a little bit of Vaseline around the eye/cheek bone area for a hydrated glow.

Current beauty product obsession: Smashbox O-Glow. This is amazing in tube form. It’s this awesome scientific invention of a clear blush gel that adjusts color once on your skin, and it really makes you glow. Well named too, every time I use it, I’m like Oh! Glow!

But I also can’t live without: Eyeliner and Mascara. Right now I am using DiorShow Iconic, but I like to change it up and play with all the toys in the market.

Worst habit: Walking into walls (says me). My inability to be on time (says everyone else).

My favorite scent is: Jo Malone Orange Blossom Cologne and their Jo Malone Earl Grey & Cucumber Cologne

People might be surprised to know: I’m actually quite conservative despite my liberal/outgoing facade. I love to people watch, but I don’t like judging people’s beliefs. Also, despite my occasional {sometimes too often} blonde moments, I have a brain — and I’m always looking for ways to stimulate it.

My favorite hair product is: Fekkai’s Glossing and Full Blown Volume shampoos. I switch between both.

I don’t understand people who don’t like: Lebanese food!

The restaurant I can never get tired of is: Sunnin in Westwood. I feel like I’m always craving it. It used to be a total hole in the wall until they bought the space across the street. Now there are actual tables and real menus. Food is still legit & solid. Favorite dish is the chicken tawook plate and the spinach Fateyers.

Though I can make a mean: I prefer baking over cooking, primarily because I can be creative and make it look pretty. I think I’m known for my mini cheesecakes—they can be nice {tasty} as well as mean {fatty}.

What inspires me: Fashion, art, clever writing, & my parents. My dad’s a math professor who fully supports and encourages my creative-“starving-artist”- anti-math ways. Despite my irrational, impractical and far-fetched ideas, and ambitions, he totally supports and believes in me while helping me figure out a way to make them real. He also helps me in some of the production work for PaperDaydream! My dad’s endless patience and logic inspires me. And, I still call him Daddy.

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  1. miral wrote:


    Posted 4.20.11
  2. Sadia wrote:

    ahh Shyema, you’re so amazing. I am inspired by you, your ambition, and work everyday! It’s an honor to be featured on your blog, when you yourself are a beauty on the streets everyday! <3

    Posted 4.20.11
  3. shyema wrote:

    It goes both ways m’lady, I remember when you were first starting out and I’m so happy you’ve channeled your artistic talent to produce something so wonderful+creative. Cheers!

    Posted 4.20.11
  4. Ashley wrote:

    I love this page! Your beauty and creativity never ceases to amaze me. My favorite sections are your inspiration and your worst habit =)…

    Posted 4.20.11
  5. Ashley aka Hunny Bunny wrote:

    I love this page! Your beauty and creativity never ceases to amaze me. My favorite sections are your inspiration and your worst habit. =)

    Posted 4.20.11

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