Fact of the day from YouBeauty.com: Women like manly smells

Can you smell an attractive man?

If you guys haven’t heard yet, Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Michael Roizen are coming out with a new science-based beauty website, YouBeauty.com. It launches this summer, but you should sign up for their emails now because they’re already delivering most fascinating beauty tidbits!

Take today’s for example — apparently women can sniff out an attractive man (literally): “Austrian researchers gave women sweat-soaked shirts worn by men and asked them to rate which one smelled best. Amazingly, the women in the most fertile phase of their cycles picked the duds worn by the most attractive and symmetrical men. Why? Because we instinctively want to pass on good genes to our kids. Sweat, it seems, is one of the many ways we unconsciously know that he’s ‘the one.'”

Not trying to have you now sniff through his laundry, but I thought it was interesting :). Visit the website to sign up for their emails: www.youbeauty.com.



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