Tuck Shop in the Lower East Side

I didn’t think I’d find myself at a pie shop late last night after the Yuna/Raphael Saadiq concert, but that’s just what happened. After a few sips of a chai latte didn’t fill me (or my friends) up, we headed over to Tuck Shop, a tiny spot on 1st Street. In case you miss their tagline (“The Great Aussie Bite”), they’ve placed random kangaroo paraphernalia to hint at their Down Under roots.

Tuck Shop menu

They make fresh pies daily using all natural ingredients. You can even see them rolling the dough out on a giant marble slap behind the register.
Rolling out the dough with a huge silver rolling pin

Like the place itself, the menu isn’t very large. We ordered the Thai Green Chook Curry pie (Kafir lime leaves, galangal, Coconut milk, thai basil and chilis).

Thai Green Chook Curry pie

Once you pierce the pie, out comes a thick gravy of all its savory ingredients. We shared a pie (it was way too late to go crazy and eat more), while listening to tunes from the 60s. For a small meal under $6, it’s a nice little place to stop by and fend off your hunger pangs.

Piping becoming part of a painting

Restaurant Info:
Tuck Shop

68 E. 1st St.
Between 1st and 2nd Ave.
New York, NY 10003
Lower East Side



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