The Laser Hair Removal Diaries: Part II

I began my laser hair removal series with this post about the first couple of sessions I had with Dr. Stephen Bracci at Verve MediSpa. I’ve gone one more time since then, and I’ve been really pleased with the results so far — I haven’t noticed any hair growth or irritations (**happy dance**). The lip area, which I got done for the first time, did pinch a little more than the other areas but it’s a very temporary and mild discomfort (for me at least, I’m sure it’s different for everyone).

You all did leave some questions for Dr. Bracci which I had a chance to ask him so here are his answers:
Dr. Stephen Bracci

Q: What are some things a customer should ask when searching for laser hair removal clinics? Are there certain lasers that are better than others? etc. 2. I had a friend who got it done and complained that her hair came back EVEN MORE COARSE. What would cause that to happen? Is there a risk of that? Is it typical?

Dr. Bracci: Certain lasers are better for certain hair and skin types – and If a laser center has two or three different types of lasers, they can generally treat all skin and hair combinations. Beyond that, a knowledgable and experienced laser physician can improve the odds of getting the best results

It is possible to stimulate hair that is weak and fine to get mature and more coarse, but if this happens then this hair that grows in thicker is actually easier to treat with the laser. It is easier to treat thick dark hair with a laser then fine light hair. The treating physician usually needs to raise the laser energy if this happens. In my experience, these coarse hairs are almost always treatable with the laser.

The usual scenario for this to happen is when a laser technician treats somebody at a very low laser energy level because they are worried about burns – and they usually treat all patients at this low level. In doing so, they actually don’t kill the hairs but actually stimulate baby hairs to mature. Though, if this happens then these mature hairs usually respond to increased laser energy and can be killed. You are best off going to a center that you can see a physician to reduce this chance of laser stimulation.

Q: Can people with eczema do laser hair removal? I already have skin pigmentation due to my eczema.

Dr. Bracci: I am not aware of any studies that prohibit treating laser hair removal patients who have eczema, but certainly to this matter is always best to present your skin conditions to the physician at your treatment center.

Q: I have keloids on my arms and my dermatologist says I have a tendency to form keloids. Thus, I can’t wax the sides of my face because it poses the danger of forming something there. I want to rid the hair on my face and I was considering doing laser. What are the risks and benefits for a girl in a situation like myself?

Dr. Bracci: Any trauma to the skin can lead to a keloid scar (and I am not aware of routine laser hair removal leading to a keloid scar). But for certainty, seek a laser physician to treat your facial hair/ And review the particular risks for your situation with this doctor before your laser sessions. Usually when females have facial hair the removal methods such as plucking and waxing lead to traumatic bumps of the skin – which certainly can lead to keloids. Lasers are a safe bet to remove the hair and make the skin look smooth.

Do you have any more questions for Dr. Bracci? Leave it in the comments!

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  1. sidrah wrote:

    oooh this is so helpful, thanks for sharing. i do have a question.. does laser treatment work the same on body and face? for example, if i get my arms done and am satisfied with the results, will i get the same kind of results on the face?

    Posted 5.26.11
  2. Yaz wrote:

    Thanks Shy! =)

    Posted 5.27.11
  3. natasha wrote:

    How do I get to know if I have keloids?can it occur anywhere on a body or on particular areas?is laser hair removal safe for any body part?

    Posted 8.29.11

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