The Daily Show: Jon Stewart on Trump/Palin and New York Pizza

I was going to save this for Friday’s links, but I can’t get over The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart rant on Donald Trump’s NY (underwhelming) pizza joint of choice with Sarah Palin recently…hilarious!:

Now that’s how you eat a NY pizza! You’re just giving me more reasons to love you, Jon…


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  1. Mike wrote:

    Hey Shyema – was checking out your site randomly and needed to comment here. This was absolutely the most perfect 8 minutes of comedy. So so great.

    Mike – Demand Studios

    Posted 6.8.11
  2. shyema wrote:

    Hey Mike!! I know, right? CRACKS me up everytime…he was so on point. When you come to NY, we’ll feast on some slices the REAL New Yorker way!

    Posted 6.9.11

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