Caudalíe Paris’ fragrance launch at The Plaza Hotel in NY

By Nicci Jordan Hubert
There are some moments in life you just won’t forget. My trip to The Plaza for Caudalíe‘s fragrance launch was one of those moments. Here’s what happened:

The Plaza heaven

As I stepped out of the non-glamorous subway, wearing my non-glamorous practical footwear, I looked to my right and saw the shimmering beacon of NYC luxury, The Plaza hotel. Unable to avoid the slight shame of switching shoes in public, I did what I had to do (I went all out and wore these babies), then glided along the sidewalk ready for a brush with luxury. The moment I entered, the elegant surroundings didn’t disappoint. It’s a beautiful place, but you didn’t need to hear that from me.
A beautiful welcome from Caudalie

Entrance to the Caudalie Spa

I was sent up to the 4th floor, to the Caudalíe Vinothérapie Spa. The lovely treatment director, Régine, greeted me, and I was swept away into a tour. Wow. Everything–everything–is perfect. From the soft aroma to the bowl of grapes on the guest table to the peacefully flowing water fountain to the beautiful employees with perfect skin, I felt as though I was transported to my very own ideal alternate universe. “Can I move in?” I asked one of the employees, to which she gave a warm and polite smile, even though I know she’s heard that question a million times.

They take their vinotherapie very seriously!
A peek inside the spa

Here’s one of the coolest things about the spa: it’s grape themed. Which means — you guessed it — there’s wine. Lots of wine. There’s an entire, beautiful wine lounge featuring bordeauxs to rosés, all served by the spa’s exclusive sommelier. Come, I was beckoned, have a seat, and enjoy some vin. Okay…if you insist.

My own vinotherapie

What I learned, then—from the one and only Mathilde Thomas, owner of the brand—was that grapes have some serious health benefits, whether via drink or skin care. The fruit itself, the seeds, and the stems emit powerful antioxidants (and thus, anti-aging properties), and huge heart-health promoters. So each of the spa’s facials, body treatments, and massages incorporate the grape.

Mathilde Thomas, founder of Caudalie
The Des Vignes fragrance

But Caudalíe’s new fragrance line is a bit unique from the other Caudalíe products—which I learned while eating tapenade and brie and sipping rosé. Its inspiration is the vineyard itself, and more specifically, the scents of the vineyard–the way the vineyard’s aroma shifts at dawn, noon, and dusk. The titles of the three scents convey this: Zeste de Vigne, Fleur de Vigne, and Thé de Vignes.

Caudalie's fragrances

Each fragrance has its own unique notes: Zeste features lemon and bergamot; Fleur, grapefruit and cedar; and Thé, white musk and ginger. The fragrances are so specifc to the hour of day, in fact, that Mathilde suggests picking your scent based on your preferences. Are you a morning person? You’ll probably love Zeste, and so on.

When asked what inspired Mathilde to create a Caudalíe fragrance line, she said, in her exquisite French accent, “I miss my home, Bordeaux, so I decided to bottle it.” Only this time, the bottle holds perfume, not fermented grapes.

**GIVEAWAY ALERT: Want to try one of the fragrances yourself (and win a free facial at the Caudalie Spa in The Plaza Hotel)?? Keep reading, and look out for a Caudalíe giveaway Wednesday!**


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