Dinner with Covergirl’s Jake Bailey & the new LashPerfection mascara

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Last night, I joined a handful of writers for an intimate dinner with CoverGirl’s celebrity makeup artist, Jake Bailey at 5Ninth in the Meatpacking District. Bailey is one of those people who is so laidback and funny, you could just as easily forget that his day-to-day includes working with some of the biggest people in Hollywood: Katy Perry, Angelina Jolie, Eva Mendes, and Mariah Carey have all sat in his chair before. But tonight he was alll ours, and we bombarded him for his best makeup tips and tricks…over burgers and chocolate cake.

Dinner at 5Ninth in Meatpacking

Here are some of tidbits I learned:

*He recommends always applying eyeshadow before mascara — it’s easier to correct color that might have fallen on your lashes (and easier to get in there and blend).

*To cover dark circles, none other than Salma Hayek taught him the wonders of a peachy-based concealer — he says they’re better at covering dark under-eye circles than yellow-based ones. Also, choose a liquid-based concealer as opposed to a cream-based one (the latter is better for covering imperfections like zits).

*When you are trying to cover your circles, to prevent gathering in the little lines, after applying your concealer, buff it out a little with you finger. Also, pay attention to HOW you’re applying. Most dark lines run more vertical than horizontal, so Bailey recommends following that line which helps to prevent your makeup from looking cakey. See below for my handy-dandy diagram:

A way to apply concealer to avoid gathering

*Bailey is obsessed with CoverGirl’s new Intense ShadowBlast Eye Colors, which are a liquid-to-powder formula. They come in lipgloss-looking bottles, and are totally crease-resistant.

*For the Smurfs premiere (yes, where she wore a dress with a HUGE Smurf on it!!), Bailey created the most gorgeous blue smokey eyes using ShadowBlast in Blue Bomb on Katy Perry. “I decided on blue eyes instead of blue skin.” Good choice!

*He says the best way to wear them is to use the brush it comes with the apply on your lid, and blend while it’s still wet (because once it dries, it’ll pretty much set!).

*Another exciting moment was the unveiling of CoverGirl’s newest mascara: LashPerfection. It’s designed to lengthen and lift for 3x more volume.

CoverGirl's new LashPerfection mascara

LashPerfection bristles

You can tell from the bristles that they help to give attention to each individual lash. Bailey gave us a very cool mascara tip here: To really get in there to the root of the lash and give your lashes an extra lift, place a business card behind your lashes and swipe the mascara straight up. This way, you’ll give your lashes a nice curl and helps you get each lash effectively.

Jake's mascara demo on Ms. Kristin Booker

Jake demo'ing his mascara trick

I can definitely vouch for this tip — I’m always using cards when applying mascara! Another cool product to use for this are these Lash Cards I discovered recently. They’re individually wrapped to ensure cleanliness, but are also slightly contoured to fit around your eye better. But since Bailey used a business card, I used one too in my own little test run of the mascara:

My before-mascara pic

[Look, I know this pic below looks freaky, but it’s REALLY not easy trying to do this while taking a picture of yourself!]. But I felt it was necessary so you could see how to place the card. Unfortunately, I ran out of hands to show you how I used the mascara against this, but you get the idea…right?

Positioning the business card behind my lashes


AFTER shot 2

AFTER shot 3

So um, WOAH. Major lashage. I loved how it really separates, and adds clump-free volume. The clean look makes it more suitable to wear during the day, especially considering it’s flake-free formula (so it will carry you straight to night-time). What do you guys think?

LashPerfection is available now for $6 at mass-market retail outlets.

Restaurant Info:

5 9th Avenue
New York, NY 10014
Meatpacking District


Meal: Dinner
Occasion: Work dinner
Price: $$$$
(Out of three stars)
Ambiance: *** Loved the rustic decor!
Food: **
Service: ***
Would I go back?: Yes, it feels like you’re eating in someone’s country home. So cozy and totally complements the surrounding Meatpacking area. Plus, there are so many cozy little corners in its three-floors of space!


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