East Africa food crisis: Donate now

I just hope to bring a little more attention in some small way to the gripping food and healthcare crisis in East Africa. The biggest drought they’ve experienced in 60 years has left millions (the latest estimate is about 12 million) desperately short of food and clean water.

Drought, famine, and conflict are affecting about 12 million people in Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia. Photo credit: UNICEF

“Every day of delay in assistance is literally a matter of life or death for children and their families in the famine-affected areas,” says Mark Bowden, the U.N. humanitarian coordinator for Somalia.

I’m looking at some of the full plates of food in the pictures I post (not to mention the trays of food that can practically tipping off the table when it’s time to break fast this month), and it’s really hard to fathom not having any of it after a whole day of not eating. But that’s the reality of the people there right now. I urge anyone who has the means, even if it’s a few dollars, to donate to the cause. HERE ARE SOME WAYS TO HELP:

*To support UNICEF‘s relief efforts, text “FOOD” to 864233 to donate $10.

*Save the Children launched The 100 Campaign. By raising $100 on your own or through social networks, you can feed one child for 100 days. Go online, give through the Facebook Cause page or text “SURVIVE” to 20222 to donate $10 from the United States.

*The United Nations World Food Programme has plans to airlift high energy biscuits and highly nutritious supplementary foods for children and pregnant or nursing mothers into southern Somalia. Donations can be made from various countries online or by texting “AID” to 27722 donate $10 from the United States.

*Islamic Relief has been responding to the efforts by providing food aid, nutrition, health, water, sanitation and hygiene, agriculture and livelihoods. To donate, visit their website.

*Also, if you work for a corporation, try seeing if they have some sort of Matching Charitable Gift program where they will match funds you provide for an equal amount for the cause. It’s worth looking into as a way to easily double the amount you’re hoping to contribute.

If you guys know of any other great ways to contribute, whether it’s through your company or another organization, please list them below!


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