Smells like Ramadan Spirit

Eid Mubarak to everyone celebrating today! Hope you all are stuffing yo’ faces. Now, I kind of caught wind of this a tad embarrassingly late, but has anyone else seen Minx’s Ramadan Collection? I’m not kidding:

Minx Ramadan Nails

Can’t say I’ve seen a company help rock a religious month that hard. The nails say “Ramadan Kareem” (literal meaning is ‘Ramadan is Generous’ but it’s just a way of saying Happy Ramadan essentially). Now, they just need to make Eid Mubarak (“Blessed Eid”) nails. It kinda tickles me. Probably most ironic is some Muslim women would choose not to don nail polish-anything when they pray (and that’s 5x a day). Either way, I think it’s a cute gesture. And that gold on black Arabic script looks pretty cool.

So, yeah. File that under Ramadan 2012. Or not.


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  1. Nabila wrote:

    Umm why has no one commented on this?? This is frkin cool. Where can I get them? Even though Eid is so over and gone. There’s always Eid-ul-Adha!

    Posted 9.28.11

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