David Beckham goes undercover and sells his own perfume on Ellen

So what ha-happened was I was just about to go to sleep and then this giant cupcake arrived at my apartment so obviously I ate it and now I’m on this sugar high and it’s 2:30 AM and I can’t stop typing and somehow I came across this video of David Beckham going incognito and selling his own perfume on Ellen DeGeneres’ show so yeah duh of course I had to share:

Also proof that even in nerdy glasses and a baseball cap women just can’t stay away. It goes against nature. Anyway, I’m going to go do some cartwheels now.


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  1. saadia wrote:

    hahahahahahaha… I LOVE ELLEN and I WISH I could get get DB to cologne me… or, well, i’ll just leave it at that…. lol… this had me lmao for days too…

    Posted 9.20.11

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