Joy Burger in Greenwich Village

By Bilal Mohammad

Veggie burger from Joy Burger

For years, I’ve been on the search for a quality, veggie burger. The city has quite a few burger joints to choose from and even more have been popping up recently. I’ve ventured out to them to try their offerings for those of us that observe certain dietary restrictions, or just want to give our palates some veggie-lovin’.

No matter how much I’ve appreciated the restaurants’ retro themed décor, I’ve found that veggie burgers at many of these places don’t quite match up to the savory goodness of the other items on the menu. More often than not, I resort to drowning my pre-made patty in ketchup, as to disguise its rubbery and at times, tasteless, quality.

I’ve explored my local supermarket’s stock of frozen veggie burgers also, but even those Boca Burgers weren’t hitting the spot for me. And so, it was with somewhat low expectations that I wandered into Joy Burger, near the NYU area.

I hesitantly asked the cashier what the veggie burger was made of because, as a veggie burger veteran, I knew that most restaurants use frozen patties to make their veggie-burgers. And so, I was impressed when the man behind the counter confidently listed a mixture of vegetables and grains to me.

Minutes later, I received my burger, and what seemed like seconds later, I’d devoured it. No condiments necessary.

What was so refreshing about the veggie selection here was that it didn’t simply taste like compacted mush. The various elements of the burger, namely corn, beans, and tomatoes, were all very distinguishable.

Restaurant Info:
Joy Burger

361 6th Ave
at Washington Place
New York, NY 10014
(212) 414-9500
West Village


Meal: Lunch
Occasion: No occasion needed for burgers
Price: $
(Out of three stars)
Ambiance: ** (casual, quiet)
Food: **
Service: ***
Would I go back?:Yes!

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  1. basil wrote:

    don’t know if i’m entirely convinced that this kind of burger could exist, i’ve had my fair share of bad veggie burgers…ill keep this place bookmarked though if i’m feeling optimistic

    Posted 10.1.11
  2. jschwartz wrote:

    I went here after I read this and you’re right the veggie burgers really are amazing!!! thanks!!

    Posted 10.1.11
  3. yummmy, this looks so good!

    Posted 10.2.11
  4. priya wrote:

    mmmm joy veggie burger and a mango smoothie is like the perfect lunch

    Posted 10.4.11

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