A blowout at Drybar: The blow dry-only salon

By Nicci Jordan Hubert

Perhaps the best part of getting a haircut—aside from the relief of trimmed ends—is the blowout. Everytime I leave the salon I feel both thrilled at how buoyant my hair looks and yet bummed that my hair won’t look this good until the next cut. Sure, I can return to the salon (in my case, The Bird House, my favorite hair studio) for a blowout any time I want, but getting an appointment for a blowout at a salon usually requires a far advance appointment and who has the foresight for that?

Dove event at Drybar
The luxe Drybar

Drybar is a perfect solution. The concept? “No cuts. No Color. Just blowouts.” And with a price like $40, it’s a brilliant solution for a weekend of gorgeous hair.

My stylist at Drybar, Danielle

Dove products

I was lucky enough to test the bar with an invite from DailyCandy, along with Dove to use their new Nourishing Oil products. The salon radiates with soothing light and comforting tones of neutrals and yellows, which was a great start. Danielle, a gorgeous stylist (who works part time at Drybar and part time as a reality-star stylist on the E! Network, interestingly enough) began by washing my hair with the Dove products.

Now, I have to admit: I’m a bit of a hair-product snob. I’ve witnessed first-hand the difference between salon-quality products and drug store products… and oftentimes, that difference is huge. Typically, the quality of ingredients in salon-quality products far exceeds those in drugstores. But I also have to admit: I haven’t found a shampoo/conditioner product I’ve loved in years, and lately, I’ve been craving the basic, uber-sudsy, reliable treatment of a product like Dove. So when Danielle washed my hair in the wonderfully fragrant products, I was thrilled.

Drybar menu

Drybar menu inside

I should mention now, another cool thing about this place is they have a “menu” where you can see and pick your preferred blow dry finish. You can get looks like:
– “The Manhattan” (sleek and smooth finish)
– “The Mai Tai” (messy, beachy look)
– “The Cosmo” (lots of loose curls)
– The Cosmo Tai” (lil Cosmo, lil Tai)
– “The Southern Comfort” (big hair and volume)
– “The Straight Up” (straight with a little body) or
– “The Hot Toddy” (short and sweet)

The blowout was SO CUTE. She originally planned on doing a beach-waves “Mai Tai” type of look, but I wore red lipstick that night, so she decided to do a slightly modern spin on a 40’s look. I adored it. She used the Dove Nourishing Oil Leave-In Smoothing Cream and that may just be my favorite component of the blowout. After two days of not washing my hair, my locks are still smooth and bouncy.

My blowout-what do you think?

I know most of that has to do with the fact that I was given a professional blowout, but I can’t help but credit Dove’s product, which promises “smooth and weightless” hair that doesn’t feel greasy. Well done, sirs. Mission accomplished.

Salon Info:

4 W 16th St
brw 5th Ave & Avenue Of The Americas
New York, NY 10011
212- 561-5392

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