Thinning hair? Here’s the celeb and hairstylists’ treatment of choice

Let me start off by saying that I have yet to meet a guy who doesn’t think he’s thinning. Now, if he really is or not, that’s a whole other issue!! Not that this post is directly just to the males, but since we’re on the topic, there’s something that I have been coming across more and more as I hop around different mags and talk to a number of stylists, and that’s Viviscal. Viviscal (which retails for $50 for a one-month supply) is a natural hair treatment that has taken Europe pretty much by storm, and has been celebs’ and models’ best kept secret until recently (you bastards were holding out on us, weren’t you?). Lately, it’s been getting an insane amount of press for its wondrous results. Among its advocates are Reese Witherspoon, mega stylists like Orlando Pita, Garren, Guido Paulo, and Danilo…even Vogue dubbed it “the miracle hair pill.”

Viviscal tablets

But what’s in it that makes it so special? It’s main hair-growing factor is its proprietary AminoMar C Marine Complex that provides nourishment to thinning hair, and horsetail extract is a proven hair strengthener. Take it once in the morning and once at night, and it has clinically shown to work in four stages over a period of 4-6 months.

Viviscal hair supplements

Celeb stylist Mark Townsend recently said, “Two of my clients shaved their heads for movies and then one of them took itβ€”her hair grew back so much faster and even came in thicker. It’s not an overnight fix, but all of a sudden, three months later, your hair has grown two inches instead of one.”

I read about it a few months ago while working on some hair stories at a magazine and was totally intrigued. I decided to try it out for a few months just to see if it makes a difference — I really would tell you if I thought it was total BS but I can’t deny that my hair really feels healthier than ever (and that’s considering all the wear and tear — and recently, highlighting — I’ve been putting my hair through). The fact that it’s a 100% natural supplement makes me feel more comfortable recommending it as well. I’ve spoken to stylists who have said it mostly spurs hair growth for what you already have and I know in some cases there may be factors like genetics and health that might result a different effect depending on how severe your case is. But I guess the only way to really know is to try it. So I figure, now’s a great time for a giveaway :).

I’m giving away a 3-month supply of Viviscal to THREE winners ($150 value)! Do either to enter or both to increase your chances:

1) LIKE Beauty and the Feast AND Lifes2Good (Viviscal’s distributor) on Facebook, and LEAVE A COMMENT ON THE BEAUTY AND THE FEAST PAGE about Viviscal to enter.

2) FOLLOW ME on Twitter and tweet the following: “Retweet to win a 3-month supply Viviscal hair supplements from @BeautyNDFeast”

Feel free to leave a comment below about where you entered to make my life easier in tracking entries!! Ladies, enter for yourself or the guy in your life who probably thinks he’s losing his hair (whether he really is or not πŸ˜‰ ). And guys…just enter. Winners will be announced November 3rd. Entrants must have a US shipping address. Good luck!!


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*Although these are 100% natural supplements, check with your doctor prior to use if your have a previous medical condition. While I haven’t found any side effects to speak of, BATF is not liable for your own option to use Viviscal.


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  1. qkhan wrote:

    tweeted and liked lifes2good also left a comment on your article post on your FB page. i neeeed a hair growth speeder!!

    Posted 10.27.11
  2. Fariah Amin wrote:

    Tweeted you! I hope i win thisssss!

    Posted 10.27.11
  3. Nusra wrote:

    Did both! πŸ™‚

    Posted 10.27.11
  4. Aisha wrote:

    Did all of the above and commented on the article itself on your fb page, so desperate! I chopped off my hair reaaaallly short to get my hair healthy and long before the wedding ….. it’s still the same length. Nothing will cooperate with me haha. :/

    Posted 10.27.11
  5. priya wrote:

    i did both!

    Posted 10.27.11
  6. omar s wrote:

    Entered on twitter.

    Posted 10.27.11
  7. priya wrote:

    i need to win this. someone called my husband a loser. if he had viviscal it might make him feel better.

    Posted 10.27.11
  8. Jenelle wrote:

    I would love to try this, you don’t know how many clients I have with thinking hair from extensions and or chemicals.pick me

    Posted 10.27.11
  9. s wrote:

    where can you find these pills?

    Posted 10.27.11
  10. savera wrote:

    i liked your fb and lifes2good and posted a comment on your post. pick meeeeeeeeee

    Posted 10.27.11
  11. shyema wrote:

    S, try amazon here: Viviscal

    Posted 10.27.11
  12. I re-tweeted and left a comment on Facebook! I would love, love to try this because my hair is thinning severely from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and this might just be the thing I’m looking for!

    Posted 10.27.11
  13. Jess B wrote:

    Since we all want long hair dont care, I retweeted and hope I win!

    Posted 10.27.11
  14. omg, I want long lush hair like you!!! Done. and done. Also, just curious…but I got laser hair removal done on my legs…would taking this pill be counter acting the laser hair removal treatment?

    Posted 10.27.11
  15. Salma wrote:

    Retweeted πŸ™‚ I hate that my hairs thinned out since high school πŸ™

    Posted 10.28.11
  16. Mahvesh Jamil wrote:

    My hair fell out after college, I really want it back!

    Posted 10.28.11
  17. Lety wrote:

    My hair is falling out and I need help!

    Posted 10.28.11
  18. Lety wrote:

    giveaway entry

    Posted 10.28.11
  19. Lety wrote:

    okay this give away is supposed to be helping me thanks

    Posted 10.28.11
  20. This is the best hair product ever. I’m over the hill and on the other side. I been loosing hair for years and tried everything. I saw a advertisement for Visiscal and had to try it. This product works. My hair falls out at a normal rate and no more thinning. I am looking better for a old gal. It really does work folks. So glad more people are finding the answer like I did.

    Posted 10.28.11
  21. Hope I win because I want to continue to use it.

    Posted 10.28.11
  22. sana wrote:

    I want this!!

    Posted 10.28.11
  23. I cut my hair last year, and I am SOO missing it now!!! Come On, GROW Faster! LOL Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

    Posted 11.1.11
  24. Mindee Larsen wrote:

    I entered on facebook and tweeted πŸ™‚

    Posted 11.1.11
  25. I tried viviscal a few years ago.. I’d love to try it again.

    Posted 11.2.11
  26. Racha Larbi wrote:

    Good morning,
    I’ve been using Viviscal tablets since December 2011, the first box which my sister brought to me from Helsink /Finland was in black colour .
    the second box in Pink colour wich I bought online from
    I’m confused now , which one is real? are they the same tablets or only boxs are diffents from company to another?
    As I said , I’m using these tablets from December 2011, and till now I m still having hair loss not too much like before, but so far I did not notice any changement in my hair I mean (the density),I’m still having large spaces in my scalp.
    Do you think that I have to wait one more time (may be one year )to see the best result? Or should I stop using it ?
    please I need you help.
    Thanks in advance.

    Posted 5.23.12
  27. I’ve been using Viviscal tablets since December 2011, the first box which my sister brought me from Helsinki in Finland was in black colour . the second box which is bought online from was in Pink colour like the picture in your site.
    I’m confused now , which one is real ? are they the same tablets or else different boxes due to different companies ?
    As I said , I m using these tablets from December 2011, and till now I m still having hair loss not too much like before, but so far I did not notice any difference in my hair I mean ( the density) I’m still having large spaces in my scalp.
    Do you think that I have to wait one more time ( may be one year ) to see the best result? Or should I stop using it ?
    Please I need your help.

    Posted 5.23.12

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