My intro (& maybe yours) to the beautiful makeup from Mirabella

By Nicci Jordan Hubert

Mirabella signature brushes

I had the distinct privilege of attending a launch event for Mirabella in Flatiron’s Antonio Pietro Salon. A privilege, because I was clearly surrounded by people who so unabashedly love their brand. Not that most industry people seem unenthusiastic about their products, of course, but there was something special about this particular group of people that had me glowing. If I may psychoanalyze for a moment, I’d say that that particular joie de vivre may have been inspired by hope. This event, while ostensibly a launch for Mirabella’s (gorgeous) new Madame Rouge line and to preview their new (achingly beautiful) signature brush collection, it was really about letting the world know about Mirabella. The Mirabella people buzzed about getting the word out, and they hoped we would receive it well.

Mirabella cosmetics

Mirabella event

For ten years, Mirabella has been a leading salon makeup brand and had a vibrant online sales community, but they had never relied on media to get the word out about their products. Honestly, I simply can’t figure out why they would have kept mum in such a way, but I guess sometimes the best things are kept a secret. Thankfully, though, Mirabella is no longer a secret to me, and it’s no longer a secret to you.

Mirabella blush palette

I haven’t tried all of Mirabella’s products so I’ll focus on the ones I have. As I mentioned, their new signature brush collection, which launched in January, are so beautiful aesthetically, but also, they’re incredibly high quality. They remind me very much of MAC brushes. Absolutely soft and the application is flawless and smooth. I am in love. Their blush palettes are also gorgeous. I loved chatting with the adorable Amber Bowen, Mirabella’s creative director, about the product creation. She explained—with contagious pride—that all of the products are “clean luxury,” in that Mirabella’s focus is on making organic and mineral-based makeup, but only to the extent that it doesn’t sacrifice pigmentation or staying power. It’s like baking chocolate chip cookies with half whole-wheat and half white flour. You want the health value of the whole wheat, but not so much that it would sacrifice taste of the cookie.

They served my absolute favorite dessert: macaroons!

But my favorite product was the new Madame Rouge Velvet Lip Pencils. They are to die for.

Mirabella Velvet Lip Pencils

I was treated to a lipstick application by a Mirabella makeup artist, and the application was so soft I couldn’t believe she had actually given me a full red lip until I looked in the mirror. The color was rich and vibrant. I was literally stunned. The stuff is lighter than air. And one thing Mirabella doesn’t advertise about is that it’s incredibly long-lasting. Of course, with any red lipstick, you’ll need to be sure to treat the area immediately around the lip with foundation or a blocking product so the color doesn’t bleed onto your skin. But either way, you’ll notice that the color stays on for a shockingly long time. Ultimately, it seems clear that the people at Mirabella have a good reason to hope. Their products, as far as I can tell, seem well primed for a cult-like reception.

Me and Amber Bowen, Creative Director, post red-lip application

I took home both the Red Velvet and Crushed Velvet lip colors and I like them equally. I’ve been very into a bold lip these days so the lipsticks came in perfect timing. Tis the season for a bold and dark lip… so don’t be shy. Apply with confidence.
A grainy pic of me in the crushed velvet. It's a bit pinker in real life, but this shows you just how rich the color is.

Have you tried Mirabella before? What are your favorite of their products? And I’m curious: what other lipsticks have you been loving lately?

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  1. shyema wrote:

    My friend Samira also introduced me to Moulin Rouge lipstick from Make Up For Ever, which is a beautiful red, but these look gorgeous as well. I have to say, I own their graphic liquid eye liner and LOVE it!

    Posted 10.28.11
  2. Those lip pencils look like they have my name on them. I’ve been looking for a good pencil to do ombre’ lips this season.

    Posted 10.28.11
  3. Poonpo wrote:

    Very nice 🙂

    Posted 11.29.14

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