What we do when we like our waiter

Had many things to celebrate this morning! One of my friends recently got engaged and it was another’s birthday, so I suggested we get together for brunch at the Eatery.

Brunch at Eatery. Photos by Saadia K.

I’ve written about it a few times before and as usual, the food was lovely and our waiter was so nice (even though I’m pretty sure a table of eight girls might be have been a bit to manage). But we thought he did a splendid job, so we left him a cupcake with this note:


Keep in mind we’re pretty sure he wasn’t…ahem…into any of us girls. But hey, it’s not easy being a waiter, so we appreciate the good ones!


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  1. Hajera A. wrote:

    Did you run out as fast as you could so it wouldnt be awkward when he sees you and the note??

    Posted 12.5.11
  2. Samira wrote:

    Seriously, this should be a new ritual for us! haha (only if we love the waiter)! He really was all kinds of awesome. Even gave medical advice regarding medication haha..

    I hope he reads this post! I heart “Dylan”

    Posted 12.5.11
  3. shyema wrote:

    HAHA OMG Haji, that’s EXACTLY what I was trying to do…my friends were like ‘now let’s get him so no one else picks it up and he reads it’ and i’m like no no, let’s get out of here!!’ Thought it’d be cuter for him to just find it, but we were kinda peering through the window and saw him pick it up.

    Posted 12.5.11
  4. Feeeee wrote:

    That’s not totally accurate. While some of were peering through the window, you were hiding out on the street corner behind Rasha. You totally missed him find the note, put his hand on his heart and blow us a kiss. Next time stop being embarrassed and join us in our creepiness so you don’t miss out on moments like those!

    Posted 12.5.11
  5. shyema wrote:

    Oh, I totally missed that part. That sounds cute though!

    Posted 12.5.11
  6. Nada wrote:

    Totes adorb 😉

    Posted 12.5.11
  7. Rasha wrote:

    Don’t forget we were creepily looking out for Pedro, who was kind enough to leave the note & cupcake for him to see!! haha!

    Posted 12.9.11

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