Beautifully Delicious Links, 12/9/11

Will Ferrell sought out this local beer company to do their ad -- for free

What’s lovely and delicious this week:

  • Will Ferrell’s awkwardly funny (pro-bono) beer ads – Huffington Post
  • Oh, those hipsters and their beards… – The New York Times
  • How to revive your dried out felt eyeliner tip – Bellasugar
  • The rich still dining out; the 99% not so much – Grub Street
  • BeyoncĂ© coordinates her nailpolish and shoes – Huffington Post
  • How to decorate holiday cookies – The New York Times
  • Funy and festive DIY holiday nail art – Refinery29
  • Gift guide for your host or hostess – Serious Eats
  • Liv Tyler sings for new Givenchy ad – The Cut
  • RECIPES: 12 ways to update your egg nog – Serious Eats

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