Waxing without worrying about ingrowns (really!)

Malin+Goetz Ingrown Hair Cream

I’ve always loved Malin+Goetz‘s philosophy on developing natural-based skincare products for the most sensitive skin types. And of course, the founders Andrew Goetz and Matthew Malin‘s very hands-on approach to growing the brand. The very first time I inquired about them, I got a reply directly from Matthew Malin! Which I guess then shouldn’t have been a surprise that when they launched their new Ingrown Hair Cream (music to my ears!) with Strip: Ministry of Waxing, Andrew Goetz himself was present with Strip’s director Ramon Padilla at their Nolita location, to talk about the new launch. But first, I was set up for an appointment to try it myself!

A dimly lit private waxing space

It was the first time I’ve actually been to Strip (I’ve forever been loyal to Uni.K.Wax previous to this). Strip actually has an interesting back-story because they started in Singapore with owner Cynthia Chua who had developed a much cleaner and less-painful waxes and techniques. Since then, they’ve spread far and wide (from Kuala Lumpur, to Bangkok, and yes, New York). What’s more, her search for quality products led her to Malin+Goetz where a partnership on a new (needed) product was born: the Ingrown Hair Cream. It’s infused with papaya and pineapple enzymes, vitamin E and soothing chamomile.

The waxing room

I walked into the industrial-looking waxing salon and thought I might have taken a wrong turn — its artsy space wasn’t like any waxing place I’ve been to.

Art made by Strip's waxes

I was warmly greeted by Ramon and his staff before going for a session with Cande. I read about the “painless” waxing but I guess I’m always a skeptic till I try it (p.s. how cute are these strawberry stress balls?!).

Strawberry stress balls

Anyway, Cande was fantastic. I can truly say it was one of the most painless waxing sessions I’ve had.Ever. And they are very, very thorough. The price points arecloser to about $60, but their special waxes (let it be noted, they have a strawberry scented wax and another chocolate-scented one that grabs even the smallest hairs) make it worth it. Plus, they’ll use the M+G products right after which is incredible — no redness or burning. It totally did not feel like I was stepping out of a waxing session.

Chocolate and strawberry waxes

Waxing booth

Even if you don’t go to a salon to get waxed, if you deal with ingrowns at all, this product is a dream. Personally my only gripe with waxing ARE ingrowns, so this cream is a must. Now, I’m just rooting for it to come in a bigger size so I won’t feel guilty using it to slather on my legs too, to which Goetz said may be something they’d consider making in the future (yes yes yes!).

The Ingrown Hair Cream is available for $34 at malinandgoetz.com. If you make an appointment at Strip, the product application is included!

Salon Info:
Strip: Ministry of Waxing

56 Spring St
(between Mulberry St & Lafayette St)
New York, NY 10012
(212) 431-1121


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