Avril Lavigne designs new Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips!

Last night, I was invited to the Crosby Hotel to meet pop star Avril Lavigne for her newest endeavor: designing a limited-edition collection of Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips!

Sitting with Avril Lavigne in her hotel room at the Crosby

As a musician and designer (her clothing line, Abbey Dawn features tees, hoodies, and tanks all stamped with Lavigne’s signature punk rock aesthetic), she’s one who certainly has a distinct style. Which is exactly while Sally Hansen said she was on the top of their list to collaborate with.

Our first peek at the line

Avril came out with a 12-piece collection that is so very…Avril. Skulls, checkers, studs, and stars, she knew exactly how she wanted the nails to look. “I’m always putting these on,” she told us. “I don’t have a lot of time to take care of my nails, so I’ll take these to the studio, put them on in the car, and even on the plane. I even try to put it on some of my guy friends!”

Avril's nails -- a mash up of Headbanger and Beat You to it!

While we sat with her, Lavigne, who was wearing her pink-with-skulls “Headbanger” design, opened a box of her green “Beat You To It!” and started applying right over the first set of her nail strips. “It’s so easy! And this green…you guys totally nailed this color,” she said (no pun intended).

Avril told us when she began designing the nail strips a year ago, she had green ombre highlights in her hair and thought it would look beautiful for nail strips. The silver/teal ombre of “Crowd Surfer” and “Beat You To It!” are her two current favorites! And for her, another plus for the no-dry-time nails: They withstand her constant guitar strumming (not the case with regular nail polish).

Avril Lavigne posing for me with her Plaidical design

The one thing she said she was positive she did NOT want in her designs from the beginning? “Florals!” Not too surprising ;).

Avril's complete new line

Details on her complete line:

Sound Check
– Yellow/black checkers
Take the Stage – Black glitter
Purr-fect Harmony – Purple cheetah print
Headbanger – Pink with black skulls
In the SPOT-light – White with black polka dots
Crowd Surfer – Silver/teal ombre
STUD-io Time – Gray studs
You’re a Star – Blue with black stars
Beat You To It! – Green glitter
Fur-ocious Vocals – Blue/silver leopard print
Plaidical – Red Plaid
Running Wild – Purple zebra print

I couldn’t wait to try them on myself when I got home, and went straight for the black and blue “You’re a Star” (my favorite colors!). The electric blue is UN-Real.

You're a Star

What do you guys think? Do you guys like her designs? Is it what you would have expected from the punk princess?

Read more about Sally Hansen nail strips on BATF: Frock Star, Plaid About You, Misbehaved.

Avril’s collection is already rolling out to stores, and will be available in April at drug stores and mass merchandisers nationally for $10/pack.


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