Giveaway: Welch’s new Filled Licorice!

Welch's new Filled Licorice

I know what you’re thinking — when I say ‘licorice’ you’re picturing the black confectionery variations. But Welch’s new Filled Licorice snacks are doused with so much more flavor. And if you’re a gummi bear-eating freak like me, you’d appreciate its own gummi-ness. They come in the flavor they made so famous, Concord Grape, and Strawberry. Grape is decidedly my personal favorite, judging by how fast I go through the packs. The fillings contain real fruit juice and fruit pectin, and are available now at stores. Though, if you’re not one to wait, leave a comment below! Welch’s will send two (2) winners four (4) packs of their new Filled Licorice (Moms, this just made packing lunch a wholeee lot easier!). Anddd then, you can tell me which flavor YOU like better ;).

GIVEAWAY: Be among the first to try them! Win four packs of Welch’s new Filled Licorice (2 of their Concord Grape and 2 Strawberry) by simply leaving a comment below!

Winner will be announced April 16th. Giveaway only open to US residents. Good luck!


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  1. Kathy McCrae wrote:

    I love Welch’s and I love Licorice – I’m In!

    Posted 4.13.12
  2. Joanna wrote:

    Licorice is one of my all time fav snack to munch on. Wonder what this one has in store.

    Posted 4.13.12
  3. Trisha Scott wrote:

    My son loves welchs, hope to win. happy friday the 13th

    Posted 4.13.12
  4. Lani Meyer wrote:

    I love licorice. I love grape jelly. I guess this means I want this!

    Posted 4.13.12
  5. Julie wrote:

    my husband would love the strawberry filled ones
    thanks 🙂

    Posted 4.13.12
  6. fawn strunk wrote:

    Oooh thanks I love welchs so much!!!!

    Posted 4.13.12
  7. Saima wrote:

    Send then to meeeee! Meeeeeeeeeee! *waves arms frantically, second-grader style*

    Posted 4.13.12
  8. krissy rouse higgins wrote:

    these look YUMMY

    Posted 4.13.12
  9. Brandi Perkins wrote:

    I love licorice!!

    Posted 4.13.12
  10. Brandi Perkins wrote:

    I love your licorice!!

    Posted 4.13.12
  11. Brian L wrote:

    wait wait wait, candy and jelly at the same time? I MUST OUT THAT IN MY FACE!!!

    Posted 4.14.12
  12. Liz wrote:

    Sounds intriguing! I’m interested to try the grape.

    Posted 4.15.12

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