Pat McGrath and CoverGirl talk Spring makeup trends!

By Nicci Jordan Hubert

Spring trends

It feels surreal and utterly glamorous when one finds herself in a fabulous NY hotel, onlooking the Empire State Building, and sharing a cocktail with world-famous runway makeup artist Pat McGrath. Okay, fine. By “sharing a cocktail” I mean “drinking a cocktail while smiling politely (and probably a little awkwardly) at Pat while she converses with a circle of fans.” Still, when you’re near her, and also near a table overflowing with makeup, next to a table overflowing with canapés and desserts, you’re bound to feel just a little fabulous. Quite simply, the CoverGirl team never fails to impress. While many of us attendees chatted, drank, ate, and exchanged compliments, the CoverGirl team did makeup refreshers and showcased various looks on their own gorgeous faces, architected by, of course, Pat. It was a glittering sea of gorgeousness, and I am a sucker for such unabashed delight in vanity.

Spring trends display

CoverGirl makeup galore!

Beauty and some feasting!

After taking time to soak in the goods, we were invited to sit for an intimate presentation by Pat, where she shared willingly the hottest trends in makeup this season. What’s in right now? Rooney Mara, for one. The goth-like look—whether it be via muted eyebrows and dark, dark shadows (Pat’s calling the look “subversive chic”) or a chianti-toned dark lip—is on-trend right now, although I see it as a softened Goth-look. Not full-on, but rather, incorporating subtle hints of that edge, similar to how Rooney manages to maintain a feminine aesthetic amongst the dark shades. Pat showed a lot of drama in the looks, whereas in many past seasons, a soft, natural look was Queen. Right now, it’s all about boldness. Still, as always, be sure to balance out the eye to lip ratio; full-on 80’s dark-on-dark doesn’t appear to be en vogue (and if I had my way, I’d keep it that way, but hey).

CoverGirl makeup artist

A natural look is still in, too, but especially trendy with a hint of masculinity to it. Deep-set cheek bones, thicker eyebrows, browns and taupes instead of pinks and peaches. Pat is also, many of the CG girls told me, in love with a bold orange-red lip. Don’t think I wasn’t proud to hear that, when I had worn a bold orange-red lip color to the event. Oh yeah. 1 point for me!

Pat was so forthcoming with her information that she even gave us permission to share her slideshow with our readers. So, from her typing fingers to your viewing eyes, here is Pat McGrath’s Spring/Summer 2012 Trend Slideshow!

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  1. Sweet! I’m loving the looks that you talk about in this post, especially the “Portrait perfection” and “Blue mood” ones. Did I mention the tasty bowl of olives? Thanks for sharing!

    Posted 4.19.12
  2. Lesa wrote:

    These are actually Fall 2012 trends.

    Posted 5.4.12

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