A cut at the new Byu-Ti Salon in Brentwood, California

ByuTi salon

People often claim to know the exact moment when they realize they’ve met The One. Some say they feel a strong sense of certainty, while others report an overwhelming feeling of comfort like they are “home.” Both of these pretty much sum up my experience at ByuTi Salon (pronounced simply as “beauty”) in Brentwood, the newly launched hair haven from hairstylist Natasha Sunshine. Sunshine, who has tamed the manes of socialites and celebrities like Ivanka Trump and Molly Sims, recently added her second salon to the West Side area. Her Brentwood salon is more tucked away than the Santa Monica location, so it’s perfect for people like me who want to relax when they get their hair done.

Front desk


The interior, which was designed by Sunshine’s husband, is much nicer than you’d expect from a salon located in an unassuming business complex off of San Vicente. The warm, ebony wood and modernist design gives the salon a zen-like feel. It’s hard to be stressed out when you’re gazing out their floor-to-ceiling windows at the bright blue sky! Oh…and did I mention that they serve champagne on the weekends? Score.

I’m always nervous to get my hair cut by anyone other than my regular guy in New York, Sean at Jeffrey Stein. True story: even Frédéric Fekkai himself couldn’t tame my crazy mane as well as Sean. He gets my hair right EVERY time. It’s the longest relationship I’ve had with a stylist. When I lived in New York, he was The One. Sadly, I’m finding it increasingly difficult to carry on with this “long distance relationship,” so I’ve been on the prowl for someone in SoCal.

Me with stylist, Sam

ByuTi’s rep set me up with Sam, an artistic, free-spirited European by way of DC. The other stylists seemed to give attractive cuts, but as I got to know Sam, I had that moment every person dreams of, in love or beauty–I realized that I’ve just met The One. I felt safe with him as soon as he verbalized all of the issues I have with my hair texture and current cut. Other stylists ask me what I want from a cut. He asked, but he also told me what my hair needed…and he was dead-on accurate.

Sam approached my mane with an artist’s eye. Watching him cut hair was a little like watching Edward Scissorhands work his magic on the ladies of that candy-colored town. He was intensely focused on what he was doing and his movements were so quick that it was incredibly clear he was about to give me a successful cut…and that is EXACTLY what he did. Somehow, Sam managed to transform what was previously a boring, trapezoidal mess into a mane with movement and life.

My cut -- what do you think?

I was so happy about this cut that I was in the bathroom snapping my ‘do for a good 15 minutes. Next time, I think I might have him lighten my strands–which is my way of getting serious with a stylist. I think I’m in love!

P.S. When you go, you might want to check out their moisture treatment. It turned my dry strands into silk. You spend a good portion of time looking like a cartoon character with steam coming out of your ears (see pix), but it does wonders to restore hair texture!

Salon Info:
Byu-Ti Salon

11740 San Vicente Blvd
Suite 203
Brentwood, CA 90049
888.99.BYUTI / (888) 992-9884

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