Shiseido Rouge Lacquer lip colors

If my blog were a person, I’d be giving her a good, long hug right now and tell her I’m sorry for neglecting her and, baby, it won’t happen again. Of course, she’d believe me and take me back (and I do promise to treat her better!). And now that all is OK, I have to tell you about these sumptuous Fall 2012 lip colors from Shiseido. In the wise words of Rihanna, Where have you been all my life?

Shiseido Lacquer Rouge lip color

Shiseido’s Lacquer Rouge lip colors are everything. It comes in a lip gloss type holder, but don’t get it confused — it’s not goopy like regular glosses and doesn’t age you like some lipsticks. It’s somewhere in between, with a brilliant, intense color. I tried them on myself and love the color payoff — check em out:

Lip color testing

Which ones are your favorite? I think RS 404 (Disco) has my heart right now. They cost $25 each, and are available online at


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  1. Jess B wrote:

    Along with the list of other types of modeling you should do, go ahead and add Lip Model to it 😉
    the colors are pretty

    Posted 7.25.12
  2. Bashdeer wrote:

    love love lovee, the colors are just amazing

    Posted 7.26.12
  3. “Where have you been” is the perfect insertion! Those lip colors are beyond amazing..Will definitely share this post with my readers

    Posted 7.26.12

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