Treat the children before treating their diseases

Just wanted to point you all to a beautiful article written by a beautiful friend (who happens to be my roomie/fellow beauty product tester, yaay!), Shazia Memon. She’s a nurse at Columbia Presbyterian here in NYC, and has always talked about publishing this article about her experiences in the PICU. It has finally been published (in The Atlantic no less!) and turned out to be an incredibly insightful and touching piece.

photo credit: libertygrace0/Flickr

Here’s an excerpt I loved: “[The 7-year-old girl] was one of the many critically ill children who reminded me that they were children before they became critically ill. Take, for example, the 6 month-old ex-premature baby with an open surgical wound. Her constant cry didn’t cease after multiple doses of morphine. But she silenced immediately when a musical mobile was placed over her head. Or the 15 year-old girl with an autoimmune disease who refused to talk until prodded with a new nail polish color.

Read the whole thing here:

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  1. Anum wrote:

    wow Shazia! Like we needed another reason to love you… that was amazing

    Posted 9.26.12

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