A bad day for a picnic

For someone who lives right next to Central Park, it’s pretty sad that I’ve never been there for a picnic. In an attempt to fight a lazy Sunday, I went out for a walk. The weather was beautiful, so I called up some friends to come out and decided to have a little picnic. I raced to the grocery store and was totally confused on what to pick up — I’ve never done this before. I figured to make some iced coffee shakes, eggs, bagels, cinnamon cake, and fruits (that makes up all the food groups, right? No?). I ran home to start preparing the eggs and was so into cooking that I didn’t notice people outside started to pull out their umbrellas. Rain?! What a bummer.


Since I already starting cooking I figured I’d bring this picnic inside. Which brings me to the amazingness of Arnold’s Sandwich Thins. I picked up their Flaxseed & Fiber thins which made it the perfect base for my scrambled eggs sandwiches.


I prepped Southwestern style scrambled eggs (red and green peppers, onions, spices) with a little big of pepperjack cheese. Then I toasted the sandwich thins (with thins, keep an eye on it in the toaster because they can be quick to burn!) and spread tomato paste on each half. Finally, I added just a touch of pesto spread on one half as well. Thought it turned out delicious and was so easy to make. Plus, you get your 5 grams of fiber.


Maybe the picnic was a fail but at least brunch wasn’t!

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  1. erica wrote:

    ooo i wanna try these thins! putting this on my grocery list!

    Posted 10.2.12
  2. sara wrote:

    Wow! so yummy. loving it. thanks so much for the share.

    Posted 10.4.12

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