Clean Brew Shampoo (no alcohol needed)

How did no one else think of this before? Besides being a marketing brainchild, it’s from a trusted name — Redken for Men recently came out with their Clean Brew. It looks like beer without the alcohol of course, and it contains malt, yeast to deep clean the scalp and orange zest for shine. If you’re a wax or product user, this is great to get all the gunk (or as they say, the “grit”) out.

Redken for Men Clean Brew

I’m sure guys wouldn’t mind something so alpha-looking in their shampoo arsenal. And girls will appreciate it on you, because it also smells like, well…a hot guy. Or at least how I think hot guys’ hair should smell. A blend of citrus, musk and apple notes that ends up quite cologne-ey. Retails for $12 at salons.

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