What helps you get up in the morning?

…because lately, my bed has been far too comfortable.

I know. I desperately need a manicure.

For me, it’s been as follows:

1) My Keurig and a dose of Barista Prima in French Roast. This basically means I don’t have to wait in a ridiculous line, and I get a strong, flavorful cup of coffee in just a couple minutes.

2) Frank Ocean songs. I go through waves of obsession with certain artists and this is my happy place. I have my playlist all set up for my short commute to work.

What helps get you up in the morning?

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  1. Archana wrote:

    You know, I’ve just started having a warm cup of water squeezed with half a lemon’s juice — a beauty editor told me it was the secret to good skin — and it feels good every morning! Maybe it’s the zingy-ness of the lemon or the act of getting up and doing that first…

    Posted 1.25.13
  2. Lots and lots of fresh coffee, with some Almond Joy flavored creamer splashed in it. Heavenly. And a couple pieces of toasted Ciabatta bread.

    Posted 1.30.13

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