Girl tattoos boy’s name on her face after first date

Ok this is a result of the excessive Google’ing I have to do at work (and hence tunnels I fall into on YouTube as well). BUT. Have you guys seen this story last month about a girl who tattooed a guy’s name on her face — after the first date? And to make matters even weirder, the boyfriend is a tattoo artist who inked her himself. What’s more, the man who’s name she now bears is also the infamous tattoo artist who was accused of tattooing 56 stars on another young Belgian girl’s face after she fell asleep when she only asked for 3 (she was later found to be lying). But you HAVE to see this tattoo…it’s no small little scribble:

File under weird news story of the day. I just don’t understand anything anymore. Thoughts? Repulsions? Share.

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  1. Lol madness, didn’t know it was the same guy that tattooed the girl with the stars on her face!!

    Posted 5.14.13
  2. Poonpo wrote:

    i love tattoos very much 🙂

    Posted 12.1.14

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