Fave restaurant alert: Dinner at ABC Kitchen

ABC Kitchen, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways:

ABC Kitchen

1. The rustic and warm settings, beautiful light fixtures and placement, cozy wooden furnishings, and mismatched antique plates gives me a peaceful escape from the bustling city outside.


2. Your fresh, farm-to-table, organic, gorgeous food keeps me coming back for more (note: I can’t wait for you to bring back that seasonal juicy, organic strawberry salad back!).



3. THIS Roasted Kabocha Squash Toast. I didn’t even know what kabocha was, but I learned from your flannel-wearing waitress that it’s a winter squash that tastes like heaven. Paired with ricotta and apple vinegar cider, it’s perfection (trust me on this, and order this for sure!)
Roasted Kabocha

4. Your healthy food options that make me feel like I’m a better person overall, or at least a little more conscious about slightly surpressing my inner-fat girl urges when I dine with Cali natives like Sadia and Mehran. Mehran works out before and after dinner and often brings his gym bag to place on the designated chair next to him. Sadia is a regular kickboxer (you may also find her doing strange plies and other ballerina-esque split moves at the gym while holding her phone in safe distance, but don’t ask why). She also carries a bottle of water wherever she goes. In comparison, I like to pre-game with pizza and stare at the ceiling thinking about how much food I’m going to consume while I count down the minutes to dinner.
Lentil soup with celery root, parmesan and herbs

Roast carrot and avocado salad

5. And then I order more pizza. But I digress…
Mushroom, parmesan, oregano, and farm egg pizza on whole wheat. Might be too mushroomey and too gooey for everyone's taste.

6. The cheeseburger is one that only a friend like Mehran can mess up by ordering with jalapenos on the side. WHO puts jalapenos on the side? The rosemary fries though were beyond perfection, and even such an insolent patron as he could not mess this up.
Akaushi cheeseburger with herbed mayo and jalapenos (except, not this one)

7. THE BRUSSELS SPROUTS. Do any of you understand how much I LOVE brussels sprouts? I legit fantasize about them throughout the day, and ABC is another culprit as to why. I’m a horrible person and fake offer these to people, which after they have their bite, I carry on to inhale the rest. As I did that night..cooked to perfection on a bed of chipotle-type mayo sauce.
Brussels Sprouts

Mayhaps the only time we were underwhelmed was dessert: The apple pie with cinnamon ice cream wasn’t special or memorable enough (maybe warming the apple pie part would help) but we at least got our sweet fix in.

Apple pie

This place is quite special. Jean-Georges, we tip our hat to you.

Guys, please take your girl on a date here. Profess your love, propose to her, do something here. Even if she says no*, you know at least dinner won’t disappoint.

*If this is likely, save all thoughts until after the meal.

Restaurant Info
ABC Kitchen

35 E 18th St.
near Broadway
New York, NY 10003
(212) 475-5829
Union Square/Flatiron

Meal: Dinner

Occasion: An excuse to get together
Price: $$$$
(Out of three stars)
Ambiance: ***
Food: ***
Service: ***
Would I go back?: YES. The communal tables make it great for groups, but even if it’s just 2 of you, CALL IN ADVANCE.

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